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Interview by Lee Mavuso (@lee_thelemon)

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Imagine waking up one day and deciding that you want to be a music producer even though you know nothing about the tools of the trade when it comes to music production. This was only a small hurdle to jump for gifted singer/songwriter and producer TiMO ODV. After four years of hard work in the studio, he reaped the rewards and signed with Universal Music earlier this year. His hit single “Save Me” featuring Sarah Jackson was the most played local track on SA Radio this week according to the Afstereo Top 100, where it ranked at number 4.  His unique style, sexy vocal deliverance and just all round good looks and charm are an added bonus to it all. We’ve got our eye on you TiMO, (in a good and totally non-stalkerish way).

There is something so unique about your new hit single “Save Me”. Where did you draw the inspiration for the vocals and the sound that goes with it?
The inspiration came from 5 different vocals that I wrote, I just chose the best one. The sound came about by just playing around in studio for a very long time.

Which genres would you say best resonate with the type of music you’re putting out there as an artist?
I’d say “commercial” deep house and house music in general I try make my music appealing to a large audience.

“Save Me” tells the story of someone who feels stuck or alone in a certain situation and needs someone to walk through it with them. Are a lot of the songs you write drawn from personal experiences? Do you think this is what makes them relatable to your audience?
Most of my writing comes from emotions that I feel and add words to, so even though the stories may be partly fictional the emotions behind them are always real and I feel that people can feel the emotion through the songs making the songs very relatable.

Sarah Jackson’s vocals take the song to a whole other level. What made you decide to involve her in the track?
She was actually going to sing the song solo, but while I was writing the song for her to sing she told me that my voice sounded better as the lead vocal, so we just turned it into a duet.

The video for “Save Me” is so well shot and gives the viewer a one-on-one experience with the message you’re conveying in the song, did you have a hand in conceptualising it?
The production company just wanted to go for a clean fresh look in the music video which I felt was a really good approach so we just rolled with it.


It was your first ever studio shoot, but you’re such a natural in front of the camera. How did you manage that?
Two shots of Jager for a non-drinker works magic ha ha ha

So, you signed with Universal Music which is such a big deal! How did that come about?
I would usually send Universal Music songs that I made and they would give me feedback after millions of failed songs they finally thought my music was good enough. Most people think that you just try once but I’ve made 100’s of songs many of which were just stepping stones to where I am now.

Your music has been so well-received by the SA audience, what’s next on the cards for TiMO?
A second single, and then we’ll take it from there.

We’re suckers for live music here at SAMS, do you have any upcoming live gigs we can check you out at?
Most of my gigs are live – I sing a lot of my songs while I DJ. The live singing just adds a lot to the crowd interaction for me. My next gigs are Tiger Tiger Pretoria on 29 May and VIP Room on 13 June and then FITS in Durban (whooo!).

Describe who TiMO is in a sentence:
Relentless unrealistic dreamer that is forever trying to evolve.


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