Get To Know Trancemicsoul Before Halloween

Interview by Elmarie Kruger (@elmariekr)

Photo provided by Trancemicsoul

We are super excited for Trancemicsoul at Halloween 2016!  Get to know him before the show:

You recently performed at Rocking the Daisies. What was that experience like?
Amazing! It was my third consecutive Daisies. Each year it’s an experience of its own! What I liked about my set this year is the energy, the crowd got involved, from singing the national with me to eeh ooh sing alongs now and then. Beautiful!!!

You’ll be performing at Halloween 2016 soon. What can fans expect from your set?
I hardly plan my sets but I do select record that I think might work for every show. Since well I’ll be smashing the peak time slot, expect hard core beats with a touch of soul. All things melancholia!!

Do you have any personal goals for your Halloween 2016 set?
I’m all about the people! If the people are happy then I’m also happy. To achieve this, we all have to participate. Feed from my energy and I’ll give you the results (best time of your life if possible).





Any costume ideas for the event?
Uuuhm, not yet. You know I’m an all black kind of guy 🙂 It’s halloween every weekend for me 😉

You’ve had a busy performance schedule this year. What has been your favourite performance of 2016 so far?
Yeah! 2016 was busy for real, it is super tough to choose one. I played lots of great shows, and I’d like to send a shout out to all involved

Do you have any new creations in the pipeline?
Yep! My long-awaited vinyl is officially complete. It will be out on the USA based label Seasons. Keep your ears on the ground, looking forward to this one.


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