Get To Know Veranda Panda Before Park Acoustics

Veranda Panda are not a new name that you have never seen on a line-up before, and we spoke to Jane and Liam about their music, and about Park Acoustics.  Make sure you check them out at 16:30 this Sunday at the Fort.

This is not your first time at Park Acoustics – tell us what you are most looking forward to?
Liam: Park is by far one of the best live music events in the country. Not only from an organisational, sound and venue aspect, but the line-up is always so well curated and executed. Nowadays the norm is to fill the line-up with DJ’s but we need events with quality live acts more than ever! Plus Pretoria humans are flipping amazing. The energy in that place is always incredible, welcoming, energetic and positive. So in a nutshell we are so pumped to be returning.

Who on the line-up do you really want to check out live on Sunday?
Jane: Verk keen to see ‘Floors’. Never seen them perform but fell in love with Mikhaela Faye’s voice after that song she did with PHfat.

What have you guys been up to this year – any highlights we should know about?
Jane: We recently just completed a three week tour moving from PE, down the Garden Route and up again. We’ve taken a long time to make the right contacts and are finally getting the mix just right. Allot of stuff has happened this year, opening for Goldfish at Durban Botanic Gardens for 7000 people was DEFINITELY a huge and awesome experience, but this past tour we played big shows, tiny shows, meet such rad people and took the time to explore weird parts of the coastline. We’ve also just launched a Balkan/electro swing party in Durban. We have our second event coming up soon, which is dope.



Tell us more about that tour, what has been your favourite show and why?
Liam: This might sound a bit weird, but we played a show in my parents lounge in their town of McGregor. It was so flipping special. About 35 people from the village came and we did this hybrid show of talking, performing, sitting down, standing…It felt more like a theatrical performance and we definitely want to expand on that. Some sort of lounge session thing where we get to be more weird and experimental.

What’s in store for you for the rest of the year?
Jane: OUR ABLUM! We recently moved studios and flats so it’s been chaotic, but we are both finally settling into new spaces and can finish our first proper CD (Like in a case and everything) Also on the cards: New gear, new live shows, more visuals…Up and away!

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