Ghosts Again (US) interview

The Closest Thing To Closure, the new EP from the band Ghosts Again all the way from North Carolina will have you sitting on the edge of the driver’s seat in the fast lane with their tight rhythms and high energy anthems while you regret not having that fourth cup of coffee.

Before the EP release on the 22nd of April there had been some teasing and hype build from the band as they published studio vlogs, a PVRIS cover, and two music videos (go check out Les Enfants Terribles) on their YouTube channel.

Finally, a month before the EP landed they published the single: Pant’s Division, a worthy representation of what their music is.

We got the chance to ask the band a few questions about the EP and what they have been up to.


Thank you for giving us some of your time to tell us about yourselves. For those who don’t know you, please could you tell us your name/s and your role/s in the band?

My name is Arun Bose and I play drums in Ghosts Again.

I am sure many listeners are surprised when they find out that you are a three-piece because of the energy you exert through your music. Was this the idea from the start? How did you guys come to know each other?

Not even a little bit. We never really intended to be a three piece band and even now our good friend Matt Cullipher is filling in on lead guitar. We came to know each other through past projects. Brandon and Alex and I all met around 2 years ago when the band that they were in played with the band that I was in at the time.

 Coming from bands before this one, do you feel like you have a better idea now of what you’re doing and how you’re doing them? Is there any advice or experience you think you could impart to new bands starting out around the world?

For sure. You learn a little bit more from every project you work with. As far as advice I’d say to just make connections and work hard. If you’re don’t put in the time and effort no one is going to take you seriously.

You recently played a show supporting Dangerkids. How did you get it right to open for such a huge band in such early stages of your own formation?

We knew the promoter who booked the show from previous bands that we were in and he was wonderful enough to put us on the show.

When you’re not being musical, what do each of you do with your spare time?

If I’m not doing anything music related I’m either working, sleeping, or binge watching Netflix while eating guacamole.

Let’s hear some odd facts about the band members. How would you describe each other (don’t hold back)?

Brandon is a total sweetheart. Alex is an awful, cynical human being. Don’t ever talk to him.

What would you say is the general theme or message in your music and lyrics?

You’d probably be better off asking Alex about that. I only wrote lyrics for one section of one song so I don’t think that would really represent all of our music.

The EP is full of high-quality work. Who did you join forces with to achieve this and where did the artwork come from (is the cover artwork linked to the EP theme)?

The album artwork was done by Bailey Zindel and we all think he did a fantastic job with it. When we were working with him on that we just explained a lot of the recurring themes of the EP to him and gave him a few lyrics to reference and we just let him interpret it.

Are there any touring plans coming up or exciting surprises fans can look forward to? What is next for Ghosts Again?

Well if I told you it wouldn’t really be a surprise now would it?

Thank you so much for your time, The Closest Thing To Closure really is a brilliant work of music and creativity. I look forward to seeing Ghosts Again in future.

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