Goodbye, Al Baes

It’s like when your mate that went to study abroad or went to teach English in Korea, China or whichever country starts finding their feet and shares their new life by uploading some pictures to Facebook & Instagram. The longing is oh so shallow, but one thing you know is… You’ll always have the memories and you’ll always be friends, no matter what life throws at you!

It’s an extremely emotional journey that I’ve seen Al Bairre walk from playing house parties, stressing about playing their first Al Bairre show when I was also fairly new to managing the venue to then playing South Africa’s biggest music festivals and touring Europe… Us fans will always cherish the time we were able to spend.

It’s only been a few months but our gang has found their feet, Nic’s in Barcelona enjoying Primavera Sound probably getting some inspiration for his solo EP ‘ladedahadeda’ that he’s recording.

One of the twins, I think it might be Julia but who know’s is pursuing the corporate 9-5 life but Julia & Tessa are both making pretty cool surf trips with Al Bairre’s well-known photography face Sam Wells, from what we’ve heard they’re also working on some new music with their previous band Touchwood. (I’m kidding Julia, I know it’s you after all these years)

Kyle’s pulling a Tom on us and lying low off social media and we’re not too sure what the two are busy with, I do know Kyle was at AfrikaBurn if that helps.

All and all, our friends have moved off, they’re happy and discovering a new chapter in their life… We’ll always cherish what we had and we’ll always support them no matter where we see them again. In true Al Bairre fashion, they sent us a little love letter in the form of a new music video and single (download it here).



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