Hello Beautiful’s brand new album!

Today sees the official release of a brand new self-titled album by Hello Beautiful. The album comes after the release of his first EP, Supernova Love, in 2013 which we loved from the first time we heard the amazing music Makkie made. The self titled album is very different from Supernova Love in an awesome way… If you love synths, this album is for you!

Hello Beautiful - Makkie

Hello Beautiful by Nelis Botha

Hello Beautiful, the pseudonym used by Cape Town-based producer, Matthieu Auriacombe (bassist for bands Beach Party and Kidofdoom), has been working on the new album for the last eight months which comprises of new material as well as old ideas reworked into new songs. He composed, recorded and programmed the songs from the album in his own studio, whilst recording the vocals at Phillip Kramer and Fred den Hartog’s studios respectively. Final mixing and mastering of the album were done by Peach van Pletzen.

“I have this dying love for anything coming out the eighties, but I’ve also been inspired for this album by landscapes, big spaces and the galaxy as you might hear in the instrumental tracks. I’m a massive Sci-Fi fan, so when I watch a Sci-Fi movie, I just want to make music to it.”

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