Interview: Mathew Gold’s New Self-Titled Album

Photo by Canton Parker

Mathew Gold recently released his second studio album; his first release in 4 years and a culmination of 3 years’ worth of writing, 52 songs in total. SAMS chatted to him about this self-titled new offering which also features nine local and four international producers.
We’ve gotten to know over the past few years with not only your own music, but also your collaborations with the likes of GoodLuck, AKA and The Kiffness. Is it sometimes difficult to balance your collaborations and performances with other artists with finding time for your own music? 
I love working in a room full of like-minded people, I prefer not to have any rules when it comes to making music. It gets the job done in a smooth, natural way. I also enjoy getting the best out of other people. Making the album was a special experience. I worked mainly with producers over the first 2 years and slowly started compiling my album. Over 3 years I made 52 songs.

You’ve been in the Top 12 contestants in Idols and was also a presenter on Hectic Nine 9. When did you start your entertainment career and when did it become evident to you that you wanted to be in the entertainment industry one day? 
Things just naturally progressed after Idols. I always see things as stepping stones into the next phase of my life. I feel really blessed to be a musician, I understand my responsibilities and I want to use my music to inspire the next generation.

Congratulation on the release of your new self-titled album, Mathew Gold, your first release in 4 years. The album features nine local and four international producers who have lent their signature to the final product. How did you choose who to work with for the album and what do you feel they brought to the album? 
My main goal with making this album over such a long time was simply to make great music. The creative process happened on a daily basic, speaking to writers, composers and producers. The order of the album and the final 14 songs that were selected took months to put together and the order is intentional. This album also has something for every type of music fan.

You mentioned that your only mission was ‘to make great music’ with this album. How/when do you, personally, decide when music is great? 
There is a feeling that I get, it gives you goosebumps or makes you scream at the top of your voice. Creative opinion will always be subjective and I understand that. I get my guidance from a wide list of creatives and ‘great’ music is timeless. Great music is effortless.

You have also described yourself as possessive over your own music. Did you have to let that go to a certain extent to make the above mentioned ‘great music’? 
Every single morning when I wake up, I have brand new stories, images and truths to write about and there can never be one genre that can define how I make music that day.

What is next for Mathew Gold?
I plan to tour this new album over summer and fans can expect another single in the next few weeks. Follow @Mathewgoldmusic for all gig guide info.

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    July 14, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    A pretty good session from GOLD MATTHEW

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