INTERVIEW: Meet the #aMAYzing Alexandra May

The David Gresham Record Company is proud to announce the release of the debut single of teenage pop sensation ALEXANDRA MAY, entitled AMAZING. Alexandra has been wowing the South African public since the age of 11 in a number of high profile theatre productions, dedicating her heart and soul to the arts at a very young age.

She describes Amazing as being a fun, bubbly pop song with catchy hooks, retro elements and a positive message. “The song is about meeting and knowing an amazing person, who everyone says might be wrong for you. But the message is to know yourself well enough to know who is right for you. Finding that special person, I hope, will happen to me one day. I think most people can relate to that.” Alexandra sees Amazing as the perfect introduction to her seeing as it represents everything she loves in pop music whilst reflecting her signature voice and artistry.

We chatted to Alexandra to find out more about this young and bubbly girl:


You have been in this industry since you were 11 years old – what have you done and how did you juggle school and your passion for music?
From a young age, I entered singing competitions which was great, because they gave me confidence and experience.   I started working in Theatre Productions at Peoples Theatre and was nurtured by Jill Girard and Keith Smith on the art of keeping up my energy throughout a theatre production run which could, at times be 100 shows!  I have been finding who I am as an artist working on my solo career for the last 3 years, concentrating on my own voice as a solo singer.

I went to an awesome school with awesome teachers.  I remember my English teacher would meet with me at 7am just to work an hour during theatre productions when I would miss 3 months of school.  The school was very supportive.  I also have a fantastic support structure at home, my parents have always helped me through everything I’ve done.  Only because of all the support I am able to pursue my passion!

Being a 19-year-old – what are your dreams for the future if you look at the next 5 years?
I was signed to DGR last year, and so much has happened.  Now I’m about to release my debut single, I have no idea what the future might hold.  I do, however, have dreams… I want to reach and inspire as many people as possible.   Does that sound cliché?  Oh yeah!  But it’s true!

Do you write your own music and lyrics?
I do write my own music and lyrics. I play the piano and guitar which assist with that.  When writing, I’m usually inspired by experience.  Before sending a demo into GRESHAM to listen to, I run it by my parents who are actually really great at telling me what’s wrong and right with the song & if there may be potential.  Then I may either work with another song writer or my producer Ziggy to perfect the song.   I also have songs sent to me from other songwriters – and I listen and decide if I could add my own spin on them to make them my own.  There is such a support team at DGR & decisions are made together.  They value me as an artist and I value their knowledge of the industry.

Your #aMAYzing journey – who had the most input helping you get this all together and what are you most excited about?
I can’t choose just one person!  Every person I speak to has in one way or another helped me along my journey.  My parents and sister are a huge part of that, my close friends that have known me since I was a child are too, and all of my school/singing/dancing teachers.  At the moment, I just can’t wait to see what people say about my song! I love it and I hope they love it just as much as I do!  This is the most exciting thing at this MOMENT!

Tell us about your look – you do have a pin-up-style girl look – where do you draw the inspiration from?
I just love retro! Old-school stuff.  My biggest inspiration is Audrey Hepburn!  I loooove her. My love for the 1920-60’s style sort of comes through in everything from my hair & make up to my clothes.  My mom in fact has pictures of me as a kid dressed in 1950’s French inspired clothing… It’s just always been a part of me!  But I’m a young lady living in a modern world and I want to try a put a modern spin and keep it fresh.


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Alexandra is currently working on an EP, set for release later in 2016.


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