Interview: Who Is Easy Freak?

Photos by: Matt Masson

The guys have new music videos, a brand new album out and are flying that Durban flag high. Get to know the new cool kids on the block, Easy Freak a little bit more:

Finally fans get an album from Easy Freak after 3 commercial singles riding the airwaves. How long did you guys work on this album and take to record it and finish it?
The writing and recording process for our album has spanned over the 1 and half years that we’ve been around for. We wrote, produced and mixed the album independently, which meant that there were many hours and a lot of late nights that went into it. It was all worth it though!

When you first started Easy Freak, did the two of you have musical experience and played in other acts as well? How did you come together and why did you decide to start Easy Freak?
Yeah, we’ve both had quite a bit of experience playing in other bands in Durban. We’ve both got our degrees in Jazz and Popular Music at UKZN, so music is definitely something that’s been a big part of our lives. We were a part of an Indie-Rock band and that slowly faded out with two band members leaving; and that left us. We had the same vision for the band so we decided to continue as a duo; and so Easy Freak was born haha.

How did you decide on a particular sound for Easy Freak and craft it into the sound we know today as Easy Freak?
Easy Freak’s sound is one that we sometimes find hard to pin down. We draw influence from 70’s/80’s funk music, from modern day hip-hop, from dance music, from jazz; it’s all good stuff! Groove, catchy melodies, and emotion. We always want our music to make people feel something real; whether it makes them want to dance or sit down and think about something deep haha, we want people to feel.

You write and produce all your songs yourself. A lot of musicians are known to also be perfectionists. Is it difficult sometimes to finish music in the sense that with no other people involved in the making or third party opinions, you can not decide when a song is done or good enough?
Big time! Haha. It’s like we’re never 100% content with it. When it’s your own work, you’re always the most critical of it. A lot of our songs went through many many changes before the end product on the album. And it can be quite nerve wracking knowing that your music is out there for everyone to listen to; but we’re very proud of the album and hopefully people dig it!

What is happening in Durban because nowadays the city seems to produce great artists non-stop? Or do you have to be an artist for street cred over there? 🙂
Ah Durban is such an incredible city! The talent coming out of here is amazing! All the collaborations on the album are with Durban locals and they brought such amazing flavour to the mix. The Durban music scene is petty small right now; there aren’t as many opportunities as there are in Jozi or CT. We think that it’s because of this that so many unique artists come out of Durban, because they have to stand out you know. SA has gotta keep its eye on Durban for sure!

I’m Alright, your debut album is out now. You didn’t decide to go the EP route before an album as many artists nowadays do. Why this decision to deliver an album straight up?
We definitely thought about going the EP route, but we had the content so we thought that we might as well release an album. We see it as our CV for people that want to know more about us and our sound. We also have a free mixtape available for download on our SoundCloud featuring some of our older tracks that didn’t make it onto the album. We know how important content is, so we’re just trying provide that as best as we can.

The album also features many collaborations. How did you choose these people to work with and what do you feel they added to each song?
It was such an honour being able to collaborate with such talented artists. Raheem Kemet and ByLwansta are two of the best up-and-coming rappers in SA and the energy they bring to their collabs is almost tangible. Robyn and Jaedon Daniel are two incredible musicians who were so easy to work with. They added such a unique sound to their collab. Kaien Cruz, member of Wolfpack X (Sketchy Bongo/Aewon Wolf), has one of the sweetest voices we’ve ever heard. Getting to work with her was an absolute pleasure! All these artists have their own music available as well, so SA has gotta check it out!

Where can fans catch Easy Freak live next?
We’ve got Oppikoppi coming up which we’re very excited for, and we’ve got some Jozi and CT trips planned. People can keep up to date with us on social media; we’ll be announcing stuff soon!

Check out their music here

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