Introducing: Janice

Photo courtesy of  Anika Molnár

Today sees the official release of a brand new single by Cape Town-based singer/songwriter Janice. The single is entitled “Now or Never” and also features the rapper Ason, and comes after the release of her previous hit single, “Liar, Liar”. We decided to catch up with the singer in a short introductory interview.

Let’s start with your history, what initially propelled you to start singing?

I’m a singer / songwriter from Cape Town. I grew up in a very musical family and practically sang my whole life. Growing up I used to listen to international artists like Mariah and Whitney on radio and I learnt how to sing by mimicking them on the radio. Somehow that feeling ignited this dream. Also, the church played a huge role in me wanting to take my career further. And once family and friends found out I could sing . They basically forced me to do something with my voice.

 As I understand, you started singing in church and in choirs – this kind of singing is vastly different to being a pop singer? Has your musical history played a major role in influencing how you approach your more pop-inclined music?

 It definitely does, I find that there’s a lot of genres that have some type of Gospel sound. Which is amazing! Because there is so much emotion and fullness in it that immediately captures one’s soul. And because of my background, which I’m so grateful for. That sound is deeply embedded in my music.

So, therefore, I’m happy that pop music can be anything made popular /commercial. It gave me the opportunity to combine all of my favourites elements in music like, soulful/RnB vocals, catchy lyrics , strong melodies and great production into one sound which is Janice.

You stopped singing for a while after not making it to the final rounds of singing contest – how did that make you feel and why did it make you stop singing?

 Hearing No for the first time in my career at 17years old was hard. Not even my mom was able to talk me out of this one.

Looking backing now, I was way to hard on myself. But I just couldn’t get over the rejection. And I don’t think I was prepared to take any more knocks like that. So I walked away from my dream …

Keep in mind that It was also the first big contest I’d ever done so It felt like if I didn’t make it through, then I wasn’t good enough for the industry and I left the contest believing exactly that. So I stayed away from music.

 What influence did Jimmy Nevis have in getting you back into the music industry, and ultimately release your own music?

 Jimmy and I are childhood friends, and when he started in 2012 he asked me to be a part of his band as a backing vocalist probably because we literally have been singing together our whole lives lol .

I must be honest it took much convincing but coming back was the best thing for me . Seeing him live out his dream reignited my love for music. And as years went by I started visualising that dream again. My own music started very much in the spur of the moment.

We were having coffee one night and he explained that he wrote a song for me. We went into the studio that same night… and now I’m answering interview questions for the release of my third radio single .

 Let’s talk about your new single “Now or Never” – what does this song mean to you and what were some of your influences when approaching the song?

 It might have been a new love interest.

I didn’t really have an influence, I heard the track went in the vocal booth started sing melodies and runs and then wrote it on what could be a real life story .

 The song is about an ultimatum or warning given to someone that’s a bit unsure about how they feel about you? You basically telling them that if you don’t make a move and seal the deal soon, you might just loose out on the opportunity forever.

Finally, what are the plans for the next year?

Album, tour, and award show nominations.

Buy the song here.

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