A brand new addition to our music scene and with all intentions to make a name for himself, Pretoria-based indie electro-pop musician Jetson Belle has released his debut single “I Will Be With You. Seemingly out of nowhere Jetson Belle has slipped his sweet tunes into our playlists with the promise of an EP due for release early next year, boasting collaborative efforts with both Matthieu Auriacombe (Beach Party and Hello Beautiful) and Peach van Pletzen (Bittereinder).

A curious space age style sound is found in “I Will Be With You”, as layers of floaty synths, echoing baselines and wooden percussion is swirled delicately into the prevailing electronic melody to produce a slow rolling, gently foot-tapping track. An array of intermittent electro builds and drops throughout the song fill the gaps left by the somewhat hollow instrumental aesthetics while pitching falsetto vocals and an overall echoing feel speaks loudly of his Arcade Fire influences. An intriguing taste of what is to come, we look forward to seeing what he will have on offer next. In the mean time you can find Jetson Belle on:




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