Australian stadium-folk band Woodlock, are a three piece that make use of narrative lyrics, delicate vocal harmonies and upbeat rhythms to produce their signature sound. Comprised of brothers Zeche and Eze Walters – who originally hail from New Zealand – and Bowen Purcell, Woodlock was created when the three met while travelling and bonded over a mutual interest in creating catchy, alternative music

Their debut EP Lemons as well as their second EP, Labour of Love, released in 2014, have collectively sold 25 000 copies independently. ‘Labour of Love’ even made it to the top 100 of the ARIA charts and charted on iTunes. The band, now based in Melbourne after relocating to Australia several years ago, are known for their dynamic, energetic live performances as well as their expertly produced studio work

Woodlock have built a strong fan following, both locally and internationally, since their inception. Much of this recognition stemmed from their tireless busking in and around Melbourne during the early stages of the band. Following the release of Labour of Love last year, they toured Australia extensively and to incredible success

Gorgeous vocal melodies overlay expertly arranged guitar, violin and percussion dominate their early work, and intriguingly poetic lyrics add a further depth to their music. Their sound comprises of a careful balance of soft indie-rock and folk. Their second EP occasionally leans more towards the electronic side of things, incorporating eighties-esque tinkling keyboard work and peppered with delicate synths, and adding a certain maturity to their newer work. Principally however, the band holds true to their acoustic roots with their melancholia-steeped, instrumentally varied indie-folk sound.

Woodlock are due to be heading back to the studio in mid 2015 to begin recording their third EP.

You can buy Lemons and Labour of Love here.

You can also find them on:



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