Live Review: A Swift Redemption at R.O.A.R

Photography by Marcita Maree of Keets Designs & Photography

While many Capetonians were in town watching a certain Australian rock band, a few of our local musos saw to it that there was another option for our listening pleasure on Friday, 22 April 2016. As the rain came pouring down for what was expected to be the storm of the year, Cape Town’s number one live metal music venue, R.O.A.R, hosted A Swift Redemption along with supporting bands Silence Thieves and Crooked.

The venue was a little emptier than usual, but that definitely didn’t affect the vibe of the bands performing. Female fronted Silence Thieves opened the show and rocked out with a great energy that got the crowd excited. Then it was on to the main attraction, post-grunge hard rock band A Swift Redemption.

The strong influence of hard rock band Seether was the first thing I noticed as soon as they started playing. Frontman Brink-Jones was a real crowd pleaser with his soothing vocals that got the whole crowd up on their feet in front of the stage. Then, there was the surprising addition of their violinist, Theunissen. This lady’s quiet presence on stage added that little something extra that set them apart from a typical rock band. Some people ended up dancing, others just nodding their heads along with the music, some just standing around but the one thing that was obvious was the fact that every single person in that venue had a positive reaction to this newer band’s style. This being their first show since their Album launch (1 April 2016), the fivesome who only started jamming in late 2015 are still pretty unknown. With most of the music scene knowing Brink-Jones from his days in Beeldenstorm, there has been a lot of curiosity with regards to this project of his. Will they produce any songs with a similar sound? Are they eventually going to be playing the heavier music? Why aren’t they singing in Afrikaans?

Well, if this past show is anything to go on – A Swift Redemption is not going to be anything like Beeldenstorm. They have a completely different sound, they don’t fall into the metal genre and the mellow vocals are English. Between the five of them, these Northern suburbs musicians have managed to create their own unique sound that should be making their name well known very soon.

Once they had played their final song, A Swift Redemption left the stage and it was then time for setup for the final band. The night ended with quite the performance from alternative rock band Crooked. Their vocalist, Kat Aklysm, certainly put on a show that will not be forgotten anytime soon. The predominantly male crowd were definitely taken by her onstage moves and also weren’t complaining about the Jack Daniels she shared with them.

All in all, this was a very well received show and I’d like to thank all three bands for giving me something to do on my Friday night. You all played incredibly well and I enjoyed every minute of my time there.

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