More Local Acts Announced For Rocking The Daisies

After procuring a fantastic international line-up, Rocking The Daisies has now turned to securing only the best local acts to perform on the main stage, and the various other stages featured at Rocking The Daisies. For now, Rocking The Daisies are only announcing main stage local acts. These are all the acts that are going to have the fantastic opportunity to act as crowd-warmers for the Milky Chance, The Cat Empire,  The Kooks, and any of the other international acts that Rocking The Daisies may have up their sleeves.

Last month it was announced that Fokofpolisiekar and Bongeziwe Mabandlshall be performing on the main stage. These two brilliant artists are now joined by five locals act that have repeatedly proved their mettle, and shown that they are more than worthy to lay claim to a coveted spot on the Rocking The Daisies main stage. The artists in question are as follows: aKING, Al Bairre, Bed on Bricks, Jack Parow and Majozi. Each act is brilliant in their own regard. The melodic pop rock musings of aKING are bound to have you with your fist in the air. The indie pop sensibilities of Al Bairre will have you dancing while Bed on Bricks will deliver a fresh and funky set. Jack Parow shall provided the need element of hard-hitting rap verses, while Majozi will juxtapose the expletive laden antics of Jack Parow with his gracious indie folk musings.

Rocking The Daisies are going all-out for their tenth birthday, and there is no doubt that the weekend of 1 October to 4 October is quite possibly going to be one of the greatest experiences ever – or at least that I have ever had in my 18 years of being on this plant. Phase 3 tickets for Rocking The Daisies are currently available, and are selling for R950. You can purchase tickets here. 

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