Our favourite Winter Trends – Part Two

by Katherine Brookes

For the past few years, fur has been my favourite autumn/winter trend purely because it always looks edgy and/or vampy and I usually find myself reaching for it when I don’t know what to wear. My furs are my saving grace, but I need to be clear though; faux fur only. Always faux fur. I know many girls feel that it’s completely okay to wear real fur if it’s their granny’s from 50 odd years ago, but you’re still wearing something that died a hideous death and now reeks of mothballs and decrepity.  By wearing real fur, even if it is “vintage”, you’re essentially saying that you’re okay with the practice of skinning, whether you intend to, or not. 


In 1991, PETA launched their “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, which raises awareness of animals being drowned, beaten, electrocuted and skinned alive for their fur. You can read more about the cause on their site!

And if you still feel like it’s not such a huge deal, then you need to start educating yourself by reading this!

Faux fur nowadays looks much nicer than genuine, traditional fur because of the variety of colours, ombres and various fibre lengths, so we’re seriously spoilt for choice. 

I’ve never really been a fur-trimmed hats or fur-trimmed gloves and it’s been popping up everywhere. I don’t know, I just kind of feel like it’s one of those things that occasionally looks really good on certain people. Whenever I try it on, I feel like I should run down to the corner liquor store, purchase a 2L vodka and speak in a thick Russian accent. 

Faux fur vests and coats are the old faithful ones that make you feel like Miss Penny Lane and like nothing will ever comfort and hug you the way your favourite coat does. 

Style and cut wise, I feel like mid-length/hip-length is always lovely. I’m not really keen on those floor-length coats because A. Those are usually real fur. B. Will you be running around in town with that? And C. Murdering puppies is not okay, Cruella.

As before, I’ve listed my favourite ways to wear this week’s favourite autumn/winter trend.

Ladies – The How-to’s:

With Jeans and leather:

                         Winter_Fashion_P2_4 Winter_Fashion_P2_3

With dresses and shorts:

                                      Winter_Fashion_P2_7 Winter_Fashion_P2_8

My grandfather used to be a shop dresser for Stuttafords circa 1960 and used to do the most beautiful shop displays. That was many moons ago when you’d go in, pick your pieces off a model, have them altered, and they’d be delivered to your home in a brown paper packet wrapped with string. The fabrics and textures were richer and the styles simpler and elegant. My grandfather always used to be beautifully dressed and in winter he used to wear gorgeous coats, all different lengths with those big, sturdy buttons and hand-stitched lining. 


Grey has been dubbed this season’s safest colour with dark red, maroons and mustards dominating collections in Europe.

A decent winter coat is an absolute necessity and so many trends have come and gone, but nothing gets me quite like a man in a beautiful coat, leather gloves and a nice watch.

Men – The How-to’s:

                        Winter_Fashion_P2_10 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Local stockists of this week’s favourite autumn/winter trends


Mr. Price Chubby Faux Fur jacket

Retail: R299.00


Woolworths Faux Fur Vest

Retail: R1299.00


Cardif Melton coat in tan and dark grey

Retail: R1299.00


Woolworths textured wool blend coat

Retail: R1699.00


Woolworths double breast Melton coat

Retail: R1699.00

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