Our Last Night: Gearing Up For Rocking For Rhinos

Our Last Night shall be visiting South Africa in early February in support of Rocking For Rhinos cause to help stop Rhino poaching in South Africa. They shall be performing in Johannesburg at Sundowners on 3 February, Arcade Empire on 4 February and in Cape Town at Mercury Live on 11 February. We briefly caught up with the bassist of post-hardcore outfit, Alex “Woody” Woodrow, ahead of their South African tour.

I had the privilege of interviewing you guys towards the end of 2015 and part of the interview focused on your desire to tour outside of the US. You’ve visited Asia and South America over the past year and now you’re finally about to head to South Africa. What bought about the decision to finally head to South Africa?

 We love travelling to new places. When we found out we had the offer to travel to South Africa, play for our fans that have been asking us to come there for years and support a great cause, we were quite excited.  

 You’re coming down here in support of an anti-Rhino poaching charity. Why anti-poaching in particular? Is it simply because the organisers of Rocking The Rhinos reached out to you or is it rather linked to a deep-seeded desire to bring about some kind of positive change with regards to how our endangered animals are protected?

 We really enjoy supporting causes we are passionate about, especially ones that make a positive difference in the lives of others. We were in contact with Craig who works on behalf of Rocking For Rhinos; we are in full support.

 A lot of your newer music like your latest single “Common Ground” and other older songs like “A World Divided” are imbued with a wonderful message that promotes diversity and is anti-discrimination in nature. What brought about this choice of lyrical theme? Is it influenced by the widespread discrimination experienced by people on a daily basis as a result of their skin colour, religion and so forth?

 We are all equals and we think that acknowledging what has caused massive degrees of separation in the past can help us come together in the future. As we move forward it is important to be able to have conversations and meet with people on a level, even if they have different views or appearances.

  With that in mind, do you think it is even possible for us to get rid of discrimination, or rather – how you do you think humans could go about getting rid of discrimination even if it is just on a personal level?

 I think seeing everyone as a reflection of our self can help this. Similar to the golden rule treating others the way we would like to be treated when we see another as a reflection of our self our perspective can take a drastic shift towards unity, we can start to notice that we are not as different as some things make us seem.

 With 2017 having just begun, a lot of people are still reflecting on 2016. What was your own personal experience with 2016? Was it as bad as many people had experienced it or were there a lot of positive things to come out of it for the band?

 As a band it was great, we got to travel and play for our fans all over the world, create new music and work on making both our band and our business stronger.

 In terms of global affairs, do you think 2017 will be better than 2016 or was 2016 just a warm-up?

 That depends on how you view the world. We are always learning, getting better and more efficient. As far as being better I think we all have to ask ourselves if the glass is half full or half empty and have the faith that it will be better and then the drive to impose our will on it in a positive way so it does actually become better.

 Finally, what can South African fans expect from your set when you perform in South Africa? Is it going to be a good mix of old and new music, and are you going to throw a few cover into the mix?

 Expect a lot of new material, we do enjoy playing a few older tunes but we like to play recent songs in our live set. We are definitely planning for a cover or two.

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