Peasant demand to be heard!

I’ve seen Peasant hanging around Kill City Blues for some time now and heard their music vaguely through the rehearsal studios soundproof doors. Although not being heavily into my metal or hardcore scene, I must admit I only liked their Facebook page and checked them out after they launched their first music video.

I really suck when it comes to hearing the lyrics of metal, yet I have huge respect for their frontmen who have mastered the art of screaming and growling. I’ve tried to scream (when I say scream I mean: Scream like a little bitch being chased down by two tik crazed bergies in the middle of the night in Woodstock, Cape Town) the lyrics of Bring Me The Horizon, but my voice fails half way through any given track. Therefore I found these lyrics and how amazing are they? (You can find the rest in the video description)

“I used to come here to feel safe.

Its been taken from me.

My inheritance taken away and given to waste.

Replaced by an empty space and a fucking bitter taste.”

Peasant 'Dead Hand' 7inch available from Roastin Records

Peasant ‘Dead Hand’ 7inch available from Roastin Records

You can buy Peasant’s debut ‘Dead Hand’ 7” vinyl from Roastin Records for only R100 (if you don’t have a record player, don’t stress Wntzl can hook you up, he hooked me up with a great one!). If you are not a metal hipster with a record player and don’t have any care to ever buy one, it’s super chilled download their debut EP from for only $5!

Peasants, Wildernessking and Roastin Records are hosting the album launch at Manila Bar this Friday for only R40.

I must say if I kick this fever I have, you’ll def be seeing me there with a 7” in my hand. So please, be gentle on me metal heads!

Peasant by Christelle Duvenage Photography

Peasant by Christelle Duvenage Photography

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