PHFat & Al Bairre – Caviar Dreams (Music Video)

Al Bairre teamed up with PH.Fat as part of the Xperia Mashlab on 5FM presented by Sony. The idea was to take 2 bands from different genres and give them 3 weeks to write and record a song from scratch. This is what we made.

The video, which was shot in Cape Town, stars Julia from Al Bairre and is directed by Daniel Levi (who has also directed music videos for the likes of Interpol and Massive Attack).

To be honest, I wasn’t impressed by the music video except for the pyrotechnics there was no wow factor really. I was expecting an amazing story when Mike Zietsman gave the thumbs up for director Daniel Levi, seeing as Mike has such high standards when it comes to anything in the scene. I guess a free music video accompanied by great marketing thanks to Xperia Mashlab on 5FM is fun, at least the bands didn’t pay for it!

“The title evoked a sort of dream feeling and then the image of the fire and the forest was just from the music.” – Daniel Levi.

“I have never been comfortable acting in front of a camera so I was a little hesitant to play the lead. Once we started shooting, Daniel and the rest of the crew were so great that I was able to put my self consciousness aside and just go for it. I am very happy I pushed myself because the final product looks great.” – Julia Johnson, Al Bairre.

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