Red Huxley’s Road To Rancho

Red Huxley, an awesome rock band from Cape Town is making name for themselves since the release of their EP and with their brilliant  music video ‘My Own Way’. These guys have put their heart and soul into their music that they believe in. Performing at music festivals and shows all around South Africa.

Red Huxley by Pierre Rommelaere Photography

Red Huxley by Pierre Rommelaere Photography

The band had the opportunity to meet Dave Catching, owner of Rancho De La Luna and guitarist for Eagles of Death Metal while they where in Cape Town. Somehow, as the band put it, by sheer luck and fate, Dave invited them to record with him. Although this is a great opportunity one problem stands in their way –  financing the dream!

From the first time I heard of Red Huxley I fell in love with their music and was also lucky enough to have booked them for an event I co-organized with PartyAnimal Stellenbosch.

I will be making my pledge.  My call to you to, listen and hear their story and help them accomplish their dreams. If you pledge you will automatically receive a reward depending on the amount. Every bit helps to put them closer to realizing it!


Get the full story from the band, here!

Red Huxley 2

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  1. Blake Gowar

    February 6, 2013 at 11:51 am

    I have always enjoyed a Red Huxley performance, these guys are very talented, they deserve this recording and are well worth our funding. Good luck Red Huxley!!

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