Retro Dizzy: Album Fundraiser

Cape Town based psychedelic surf rock band Retro Dizzy will be playing a huge album fundraising show on the 23rd September 2016 at Mercury Live, so we decided to throw a few questions in the direction of the band ahead of their performance with Dangerfields and Runaway Nuns.

Your two previous full-length albums, Youth is Like a Loaded Gun and Creatures of the Black Desert, have given us a wonderfully well-rounded insight to your sound as a whole. What can we expect from your upcoming project? Are you planning on introducing anything new into the mix?

Well, welcome to a whole new world now. We have added a new cadet to battle the front line of the SA Music Scene and put our flag where it belongs.

You have been very highly praised on your sophomore album, ‘Creatures of the Black Desert’. Has this changed the way you’re approaching the upcoming record in any way?

Yes. It’s a new record. A whole new record and we will be doing this completely different. Let’s not talk about what we have done but what we will do.

The upcoming fundraiser gig is looking to be quite the whopper of a party. Have you guys worked or performed with Dangerfields and Runaway Nuns before?

Yes, we have played with them. What we do isn’t work.  So this is great. Great things. We may or may not be doing a compilation with one or two of the lads on Friday.

Psych-rock is fast once again become a very integral constituent to the local music scene. Where do you see the genre going from here, and how would you like to aid in that? 

They have been very supportive towards us and we love and appreciate them dearly. But there is no scene, it may seem like it cause many bands are in relationships with each other, we don’t take influence from them and they don’t do the same.

I know the band was originally formed in Hermanus before your relocation to Cape Town. Have you found the move influenced your approach to your music and the growth of the band in general?

We may have started in Hermanus but this band has grown and morphed into a whole new creature. Cape Town has that effect.

Andre has become and integral part of this band and he’s from fucking Pretoria. Andre is sitting on a lazy boy playing a strange instrument so nothing really matters, does it?

In addition to this upcoming gig, do you have any other special performances on the cards in the near future?

We will play this Friday and next Saturday and then hibernation until Endless Daze Festival.

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