Review: With Dawn’s Debut Album: ‘Infinity’

Written by : Ramone Pickover

For those of you haven’t heard of the Cape Town based band: ‘With Dawn’, it is now time for you to discover this truly phenomenal band that have been lurking in the shadows of Cape Town’s metal scene since 2011.
Actually, to classify them as a metal band would be a great injustice, as they transcend the genre and provide the listener with a whole lot more. It’s probably the reason that they haven’t been at the forefront of national scene. This doesn’t mean that the band have been sitting around doing nothing since their inception, it’s quite the opposite in fact, they are one of the busiest Cape Town bands I know, and play shows almost every weekend of the year.

With Dawn - Poster
‘Infinity’ is their debut album, after their previous 2012 E.P release of ‘Came the Gulls’, and in my personal opinion this marks a significant change in quality for local releases. Not only does it have a polished international quality production, but it has a subtle intellectual theme and concept that run throughout the album, weaving through each song like a carefully woven tapestry. ‘Infinity’, according to With Dawn, is a symbol of how we are all connected. The premise of which is: Each of us comes from the same point of origin, and some point in time we will return to that origin. If you listen to the album in this manner, it was cleverly designed to be looped, and I repeated it about 8 times without realising that I did. This is a fantastic achievement, and shows a sense of intellect behind the concept, and pulls the listener in and keeps them there in an infinite loop.
Now, to get onto the songs themselves, and usually at this point in an album review, the reviewer talks about each song and describes it in detail. But, doing that with this epic piece of art, would not allow you, the reader, to experience the album and concept as a whole, as it was intended to be. That said there are some amazing standout tracks that appeal to my tastes greatly. These tracks are more of a personal Magnum Opus within ‘Infinity’, and are definitely the highlights of the album for me. From the extremely aggressive and chunky ‘Cytherea’, to the amazing lengthy set pieces of ‘Driftwood: The Clam’ & ‘Driftwood: The Storm’, to the musically sweeping melody of ‘Sensority’, to the brutally brilliant and sing-a-long track ‘Anytime Now’. In all honesty, each song on the album is a great achievement, and every one of them has their merits. The main thing that I took away from it though, was that With Dawn doesn’t sound like any band I know, and they are truly unique in every way. Yes, they may draw influences from a number of bands, but at no point could I say that this section sounds like ‘X’ band… This is very difficult to do in this day and age, and With Dawn have successfully achieved this.

With Dawn

With Dawn

The album also marks the first full release from the newly created 7 String Studios in Durbanville, and judging from the sheer polish and quality of this recording, I believe that they are going to become one of the leading studios in the country. I look forward to hearing future releases from the studio.
Now, the most important bit, I am sure you are asking yourself: ‘Where can I watch this awesome band and get the album?!’ Well, you’re in luck! 5 days from now, on the 7th of November they will be releasing ‘Infinity’ at Mercury Live in Cape Town. They will be supported by the amazing ‘OhGod!’, and you can expect an epic set with some surprises along the way. Entrance on the night will be R30 at the door, with CDs and T-shirts available at the merchandise table at a special launch price of: CD’s – R80 & T-Shirts – R80. I am going to be right in front hurting myself in time with the monstrous melodies… So, please come join me, so that you can pick my bits off the floor!
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