Rumswinger at Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival

We got to chat to the Cape Town band, Rumswinger before they hit the stage this weekend for the Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival. Get to know them here:

How did your journey of progressive electro-swing begin?
Our journey started about 5 years ago on a magical new years eve. The band was put together for an event and we just couldn’t stop jamming together.

Do you think your music will make all the Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival goers swing?
Oh yes, there is nothing that we love more than getting the crowd moving. Electro-swing is such a fun genre, its difficult not to go full swing.

What other aspect of the festival are you guys excited about?
Tasting some great food & trying out all the “lekker” local craft Beers.

Which other musical acts are you excited to see perform?
We are so excited to come check out all the acts. We love listening to different genres of music.



Which beers will steal your hearts?
The Fokof Lager has already stolen our hearts, so we will have to do some serious beer tasting to see if anyone can compete with  it.

At which food truck will you most likely get stuck at?
We are all suckers for Mexican food so the Tacokombi seems like a vibe.

Since it’s also the October Fest edition – can we expect you guys to dress for the part?
Dressing up is part of the fun. We love wearing silly attire.

You guys are also doing a tour up to the North later in the year, tell us more about it?
Yes we are, its in Windhoek at the Take Note music festival later this month on the 27th and 28th of October.

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