SA Artist Spotlight Interviews Kahn Morbee

You would be hard-pressed to find a bigger name in South African music than Kahn Morbee – the frontman for The Parlotones. After spending close to two decades fronting one of South Africa’s biggest and most prolific bands, Kahn Morbee has decided to go solo. SA Artist Spotlight’s presenter Nick Darke decided to interview Morbee about precisely why he decided to take a solo route after fronting a band that had become so shrouded in controversy as music fans are incredibly divided about The Parlotones, and whether they are actually any good.

No matter your opinion, it is hard to deny that The Parlotones, and Morbee, worked hard to gain their success and deserve all the accolades that they have received despite scathing comments and criticisms regarding their music. It is amidst this maelstrom of controversy and success that  Morbee has decided to adopt the route of going solo, and it is at this point that Morbee had the industry confused as to why he has decide to take the independent route rather than joining with a major label to release his debut solo album. It is in wake of this that Darke digs into that particular fact, and discuss the concept of complete musical freedom that an independent release gives the artist.  He also throws out hard-hitting questions about the viability of crowd-funding albums within South Africa, and the fact that crowd-funding has taken a while to take flight in South Africa. Alongside more serious questions, Darke also questions Morbee about his pending embrace of fatherhood, and how this is going to affect his music.

The heavy-hitting questions are followed up by a burst of lighthearted humour in the form of a music trivia quiz. This particular interview also features two solo performances from Kahn Morbee of his latest singles “Nothing is Impossible and “The Outsider“. This particular episode of the SA Artist Spotlight once again reflects their ability to ask the questions that nobody else wants  to ask, and proves them to be a formidable force in South African music journalism.

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