SA Artist Spotlight Release Lost And Found Episode

It seems that SA Artist Spotlight have really centered in on members of The Parlotones with their latest interview being with Glen Hodgson who, like his frontman, has also recently launched a new musical project, Lost and Found, where he has full creative control. It is a project that shall allow Hodgson to properly experiment with musical styles and not be regulated to primarily creating a variation of pop rock and soft rock, but rather dive deep into the realm of acoustic pop – a sound that seems to really suit Hodgson from the songs that he performed for the SA Artist Spotlight team.

It is with this theme in mind that Nick Darke conducts his interview with Hodgson, as he digs deep into the massive difference between being the bass player for a massive rock band and then performing as an unknown acoustic group that barely gets the recognition that they deserve. It is quite a piercing and humbling interview that cuts deep beneath the veneer of a superstar bassists and rather uncovers the image of a man being throwing back into the bottom of a barrel and made to fight his way back to the top. You can watch the full interview below, and it is quite possibly one of my favourite interviews that I have watched Darke conduct in along while.

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