SAMS EP Review – No Chocolate For Dinner by No Chocolate Before Dinner

Review by Floris Groenewald (@Flrsi)
Photo provided by No Chocolate For Dinner


No Chocolate Before Dinner is the debut EP by a band called No Chocolate Before Dinner. And they keep throwing the word “chunk” around. Is it supposed to be their genre? A portmanteau of “chocolate” and “punk”? As soon as the first song starts it’s clear that there’s quite a bit of punk in the mix.

They’ve got an accessible pop punk sound that is easy on the ear with the instrumental side being comparable to many big pop punk bands. Blink 182 and Motion City Soundtrack spring to mind immediately. But lyrically and vocally they manage to break away from the above-mentioned groups.

The vocals have a mature quality to them – which isn’t necessarily a comment about age. It doesn’t have the angsty, teenage/20-something character that is associated with bands like Blink 182, but almost feels like the vocalist from a different band trying his hand at this punk thing. Which is by no means a bad thing – No Chocolate Before Dinner succeeds in making good music that slightly stretches out the genre mold we are used to.




Lyrically these songs are oddly (and perhaps slightly uncomfortably) optimistic. Similar to the vocal delivery, the lyrics on No chocolate for dinner is not quite what you expect from the pop punk package. While not ignoring the dark side of things, the main message in their songs seem positive, including messages like “don’t give up on your dreams”.

While their EP doesn’t stand out as anything groundbreaking or out of the box, they did succeed in earworming Throwing Bottles At The Stars into my head. These are good songs. The EP’s biggest flaw might be a lack of diversity. I’m curious to see how a full-length album or live show would improve on this aspect. Also, where’s the chocolate?


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