Satanic Dagga Orgy release ‘The Bromance’ EP

Few months ago I heard of a new band in Gauteng called Satanic Dagga Orgy and I chose not to give them a listen, because I thought they just wanted to create a hype with their name like Fokofpolisiekar did back in the day. After realizing I actually have one of the members on Facebook and him kindly explaining what they stand for, I went to listen to them and was I blown away….

Their music is acoustic-folk-comedy-punk-rock, it’s a mouthful but if you have a listen you’ll totally understand it. They were one of the bands I was super bummed not to see live to my OppiKoppi plans not working out. If you saw pictures of OppiKoppi, they were those guys in the red speedo’s. Although playing a day slot, I heard they totally killed it and were one of the best acts at OppiKoppi this year.

Their music is as friendly and fun as the guys in the band and I think their authenticity is really in your face when listening to their music or interacting with them on social media.

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