Single Review: Fox With That – Moonchild Sanelly feat. Maramza

Moonchild Sanelly, equipped with green dreadlocks and an infectious verve, seems quite ready to take over the country with her curious blend of electro kwaito. Secured beneath her jewelled belt are well-earned slots both at the Midem Festival (France) and the Primavera Music Festival (Spain) later this year. These announcements are coupled with the release of her latest single “Fox With That”, whose gently bouncing vaguely African-esque melody is simple, yet entirely effective.

A swift electro-house intro builds and peaks before dropping into a simple, prevailing baseline over which layered Xhosa vocals pick up a rhythmic chant-like pace. Cut and clear, Moonchild Sanelly’s voice picks its way deftly over the hollow metallic electro foundation until the track changes tack almost imperceptibly and meanders down a kwaito path, bordered by just a whiff of 1920’s swing inflections. Thematically, and very much in the spirit of today’s feminist movement, the track revolves around the idea of women finding ambitious partners, rather than men who feel threatened by the independent female.

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