Stone Jets Release New Single “Hurricane”

Do you know who were a great South African band? Plush. They were a perfect blend of acoustic flair, pop hooks and indie rock stylings. Their influence on the South African music scene has not been completely lost. There is a band that has decided to follow in their well-worn footstep. Stone Jets are the band in question and their new single “Hurricane” draws a lot of influence from Plush.

Their sound exudes the same titillating melody and musical tightness attributed to many of Plush’s popular songs such as “Jet Life” and “Today”. Stone Jets are not some copy-cat band that decided to replicate Plush’s sound. They are rather a band that took their laid-back acoustic pop flair and channeled it through electric guitars, groovy bass riffs, and an upbeat percussion section. It is what Plush could have sounded like if they went down the contemporary pop route rather than sticking to acoustic pop. That is enough about Plush. My focus is on Stone Jet’s new single “Hurricane”.

Jangling guitar riffs and a foot-tapping drum beat opens the song and already sets the tone for an upbeat yet tragic love song that attributes the feeling of love to that of a natural disaster, and specifically a hurricane – who knew? The song’s lyrics seems to draw influence from the famous quote from John Green’s Looking For Alaska: “… if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.“Hurricane” is not as emotionally traumatic as Looking For Alaska as Stone Jet exude a vibrant contemporary pop sound tempered by the infectious spirit of indie pop. They are  a band looking to alter the way South Africans view pop music especially since we tend to think about Locnville or MiCasa, and I think they will achieve their goal.

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