The 4MULA Album Review

Written by Dee Theart (@deetheart)
Photography by Matthew Griffiths – Echo Ledge

Musicians that make music with the sole motivation of doing what they love intrigue me. Not only do I admire their mindset, but one can actually hear the raw passion and creativity in their music. This also usually means that trying to classify their music is a difficult task, as these muso’s stay clear from fitting into a certain mould. They just do what comes naturally, regardless of how others perceive them. This is the case with The 4Mula (The Formula), and their self-titled debut album has recently seen the light.

Esrick “Rique” Nelson (vocalist), Craig “C Bass 7” Potgieter (bassist), Ruchen “Rubeat” Christians (pianist/keyboardist & producer) and Vinchantel “Vinny” Ortell (synth keys/producer) are all Cape Town boys born and bred. They have all been actively involved in the music industry, and have worked with various well-known musicians on a range of projects before getting together to start The 4Mula. The diversity of the group’s composition comes through very strongly on the album. The amalgamation of many genres, styles, influences and inspirations makes for an interesting listening experience.

4MULA by Matthew Griffiths

4MULA by Matthew Griffiths

The 4Mula’s core sound is afro pop, but strong elements of house, soul, hip-hop, jazz and kwaito also surface. The fascinating thing about this album is that the overall groove remains intact throughout all ten tracks. While some may criticise this, saying the songs sound too similar, it’s quite a refreshing idea. The energy remains constant and the flow never drops. There are two co-labs on the album; the song ‘Change The World’, featuring Paulo February, is a beautiful track, kicking off the album on an inspirational note. Gift Gwe, that we got to know through Idols SA, is part of the track ‘Dip ‘n’ Groove’, unquestionably one of the strongest tracks on the album. Other favourites to look out for are ‘Getting’ It Out’, ‘Bend’em Over’ (first single and music video song) and ‘Superhuman’.

4MULA by Matthew Griffiths

4MULA by Matthew Griffiths

It’s rare that you listen to something that simply works. The four members of The 4Mula gel excellently – every beat, instrument and vocal seems effortless and in place. Like the scientist image on their album cover suggests, The 4Mula have become scientists experimenting in their laboratory to find the perfect formula to create the best music possible. I can safely say that The 4Mula has succeeded in their mission.

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