The Arcs – Yours, Dreamily

One-half of the modern-rock duo The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach shows off his soulful talents in his new endeavour The Arcs. Their first studio album, very aptly named, Yours, Dreamily was released on the 4th of September this year. The mash-up band includes members of the all-female mariachi band Flor De Toloache and The Shins’ Richard Swift.

The whimsically enchanting musical set up has a trip-hop style reminiscent of the Gorillaz Demon Days and a jazz-fusion voice similar to that of the Dave Matthew’s Band. The combination of deep drunken vocals, 70’s thriller theme tunes and saxophone feels make this album something of an anomaly.

Yours, Dreamily has everything and a bit more to offer. Starting off with some melancholy blues in “Searching the Blue” Auerbach sings, “Is anything we ever do ever gonna last?”. The tracks methodically progress as each one picks up the pace of the last, one jazzy step at a time. The powerful choir-esc female vocals in “The Chains of Love” give a good edge to the middle part of this schizophrenic album.

It seems The Arc got pretty creative with their enticing song introductions like the muffled female groans at the start of “Come & Go” the dialog in the beginning of ‘“Outta My Mind” and a few others. Unfortunately it’s the lyrics that are less creative, “The milk inside the fridge / It turned / The bridge between us / It burned” in ‘Everything You Do (You Do For You)’ seem little first thought. It’s hard to tell if this album is a slab of pure lyrical gold or just a combination of strange phrases.

Then things get a little stranger in “Come & Go” and “Everything You Do” with soulful ballads and jazz band pianos. A paranoid mix of R’n’B and dry guitars flows through the album and ends with the very climactic finale ‘Put a Flower in Your Pocket’.

Auerbach claimed that the Arcs had given him the chance ‘to get extra weird’ which certainly shows in this boozey, saxophoney, electrical cultivation. That doesn’t mean this album is completely devoid musical genius, there are many moments when it feels like there is no structure to anything but The Arcs always manage to bring it back with a powerful lyric or a deep riff and sometimes both.


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