The First Cape Town Electronic Music Festival Headliners Have Been Revealed

Earlier today, CTEMF broke the internet when they released the headlining acts for CTEMF 2015.

The line-up is rather unique as it does not abide to the conventional fashion of EDM festivals of procuring the most commercially friendly and massively well-known acts, but CTEMF has always done that. Their line-ups reflect the eclectic and vibrant nature of the Cape Town electronic scene, and there is also a dash of international flavour for the headlining acts.

Connoisseurs of the festivals will be able to bear witness to a vast range of genres from drum ‘n bass to eclectic house music, and everything else in between. The headlining acts are as follows: Anja SchneiderCuloe De SongCounterstrike, Mr. CarmackDJ Spoko & DJ Mujava, Four TetLoco Dice, Maelstrom, and Slugabed. This is only the first stage of artist announcements and more shall be arriving throughout the course of the week. 

With the festival drawing ever-so closer, it is advisable that you purchase tickets as soon as possible if you wish to bear witness to the eclectic offering of electronic music that CTEMF serves up each year. Tickets can be purchased via Webtickets. In the meanwhile, go watch what went down last year.


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