The Future Primitives are ready for RAMfest, are you?!

Interview by Charlie Brown

The Future Primitives are a three-piece rock n roll band from Cape Town, South Africa. Formed in late 2011, the band set out to experiment with sounds from the past and the present – drawing influence from early rock n roll, 60s garage and first era psychedelic groups.

The Future Primitives

The Future Primitives

The Future Primitives made a hell of a bang when you guys exploded into the scene months ago, what do you as band ‘blame’ this to?

Don’t know really – we weren’t really trying to impress anyone and weren’t sticking to any rules. Just doing our thing, like it or not. Maybe people can feel that. Maybe it’s refreshing. But yeah, not really trying too hard. That’s key.

Management, advertising, unique exposure and amount of gigs played all contribute to the success of a band. Who handles all the different aspects mentioned in The Future Primitives.

That’s another thing we don’t really push too hard – we’ve never asked to play a single show, usually people ask us and then if we feel like it and if the other bands on the lineup are cool then we do it. Also with Facebook and stuff we aren’t trying to shove the band in anyone’s face – if you stumble across it, cool. We aren’t the kinda band that asks people to like our Facebook page and shit like that. Let the listener decide what they want. Everyone has their own taste – just because we like something doesn’t mean everyone else has to. So yeah, we just take it as it comes.


You as band pick your shows very carefully, personally I think this is one of the best things I’ve seen in a band for a while. Why have you decided to do only a few gigs in 2013 before RAMfest?

Well yeah, we turn down a lot of shows. Venue needs to be right, lineup must be right – we just wanna have a good night out. A lot of bands play too often – how many times can you watch the same band at the same place? You’ll be over them in no time. We also don’t have a lot of venues. So you got to space things out a bit. People have to want to watch you, like it’s something they are missing. The reason we have also been quiet leading up to RAMfest is that we are recording soon and just practicing the new songs. We’ll hopefully record the new album at the end of March.


What can people expect from you performance at RAMfest?

Well they can expect some new songs, not a lot though – we still want them to be able to pick up the new record and hear a bunch of stuff for the first time like that. But yeah, expect The Future Primitives.


You will be releasing a new vinyl soon, how will this compare from your debut limited edition vinyl?

Well be having better equipment, so hopefully a better sound. As far as the songs go – possibly more melodic, in fact some more pop kinda stuff going on there, but still the trashy element. Don’t wanna make the same album twice, but it’s not extremely different. It might appeal to more, and hopefully at the same time appeal to the people who liked the first one.

The Future Primitives

The Future Primitives

Tell us about how you landed the record deal with Groovy Records.

Was actually through the vocalist from the band The Routes (who are also on Groovy). He heard the EP and liked it and sent it to Groovy – the next day Groovy Records contacted us asking if we wanna put it out on vinyl.


You as band have a lot of experience in sound engineering and recording, how would you say this influences you as band?

It’s really great actually – we record the albums ourselves and can get it the way we want it, and for free.



What does vinyl mean to you as band and what does it mean to the sound of The Future Primitives?

Vinyl should mean a lot to any band – it just sounds better. There’s also something beautiful about the unique experience when listening to your own copy of something on vinyl – as the years go by and it gets some scratches, those are all your scratches, and that’s how you hear that song, it’s your own song in a way – nothing is gonna sound better than that. It’s just that it’s something real, tangible, and a proper analogue representation of sound, it’s the way you are supposed to hear it.

The Future Primitives

The Future Primitives

We are seeing bands like yourself, Wild Eastern Archers, The Dolfins and other make big names these days. Many of these have a psychedelic and old school rock feel with overdriven guitars and some noise. Why do you think this sound is coming back?

Any genre is just a reaction to another genre – in the 80’s most of the bands were pretty gay (there were a couple great ones) but in general a lot of pretty gay shit going on there – The reaction to that was grunge. People decided to make a noise and scream and have way more of a “fuck you” attitude. That’s how these reactions work. We’ve had to listen to a lot of shitty dance music in Cape Town for a long time now. This is our reaction. Haha, I don’t know – one way of looking at it.


Who are you, as a band, most looking forward to see perform live at RAMfest?

All our friends bands really – The Very Wicked, Wild Eastern Arches, Beast, Bilderberg Motel, The Bone Collectors, to name a couple. Nice to see your friend’s bands on a bigger stage – that’s always good. Oh, and Black Lung, that’s a band we would like to see at RAMfest – they would own it. Hopefully next year.


These days bands from South Africa are producing world class recordings, how do you as a South African band make sure your music and recordings are of the same quality of American and other artists with a bigger budget than yours?

Haha, we don’t really – we just get it to sound the way we want it, or at least close. We aren’t really going for any standards. You can’t do everything by the book – that’s why a lot of music sounds shit too. How can click tracks honestly have a better feeling than a group of musicians determining tempo by feeding off each other?!! Do you want something real, or something computerised and fake? Anyway, that wasn’t what this question was about, but point is, we’re not really trying to live up to any standards that like Simon Cowell (or whatever he’s called) would approve of. But yeah, to get back to the question here – We don’t really. We just kinda hit record and hope for the best. It’s all about capturing a feeling, more than the overall sound.


Name three can’t-do-without items you always pack for a festival.

Tampons, Neurofen and toilet paper. No, uuuuumm, tent ?

The Future Primitives

The Future Primitives

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