The GPMS Gig Guide (15 – 20 January 2013)

The Gauteng Music Scene Weekly Gig Guide!

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The Weekly Gig Guide is managed by Roy Bouwer and updated by Vicky Jankiewicz


Tuesday, 15 January

Tuesday Boozeday at Cool Runnings – DJ Soulfull B and Tyron Deep


Wednesday, 16 January

Acoustic Wednesdays feat. David Van Vuuren, Naming James, Flint&Tinder at Arcade Empire

STUDENT NIGHT FUNK: Moejoe vs. Minx, El Phonix and Kid Robot at Cool Runnings

Aandklas QuizNite with Mrs B


Friday, 18 January

David Lazarus at Railways Café

Iso live at Aandklas Pretoria

P-Town’s NOT Dead: DeeziaK, Doctor Khumalo, This is Gin & No More Tears at Cool Runnings



Saturday, 19 January

Latraverse, Monkeys In Boots and Among The Few @ Cafe Barcelona

Myepicvice, One Day Sky and More at Schivas Rock

Supastage Rock Madness with Saarkie, Jack Valve and Zefferband at Cool Runnings


Sunday, 20 January

Sunday Unplugged Sessions at Tings Waterglen

Liquid Sundays with BenSon, Mr Green, It’s Okay, Dean Durrant and Vito at Cool Runnings

Sea of Green Live at Cool Runnings



Tuesday, 15 January

Shout Hey! At Rumours Lounge

Cover Girls at Bob Rocks



Wednesday, 16 January

Addictshun Drum & Bass at Great Danes




Thursday, 17 January

Crooked Carnival part 2 at Great Danes

Howl presents Nakhane Toure at Wolves


Friday, 18 January

Charity Gig at The Bohemian with Fridge Poetry, The Deaf commission, Earl Grey and Croquet and  Sick Cindy

DJ Niffty, Shadow Club and Matt Suttner at Puma Social Club


Saturday, 19 January

Rocking For Rations at Rumours Lounge

Vox Live at Mihouse

The Lone Raynger at Tokyo Saturdaze



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