The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg – Review

Review by Floris Groenewald (@Flrsi)

Photos by Ross Garret


It frustrates me slightly that Beatenberg’s website and Facebook page describes their music simply as “Pop”, because it’s so much more. The Cape Town-based group has been around for a few years already, and they’ve made their mark as a pretty unique group of professionally trained musicians, making music that’s hard to describe or fit into a pre-known box.

Their beautiful voices and proficient playing come together to make high quality, well-polished product, with enough earworms to guarantee you’ll have a hard time trying to switch this album off. Tracks like Chelsea Blakemore, Southern Suburbs, Rafael and Pluto are catchy, lyrically interesting and illustrative. Dance-y beats, fun, repeated guitar riffs, underscore poetic lyrics about “pain and pleasure”. Contrasting these are songs like Facebook apologia & Scorpionfish – more ballad-type songs, which are still assembled with the unique Beatenberg soundscape. Ithaca is a middle ground between the two types, and definitely a standout track.


Beatenberg - photo by Ross Garret

Beatenberg – photo by Ross Garret


The biggest standout difference between Beatenberg and run-of-the-mill pop is a distinct African flavour to their rhythms and beats, with chorus-heavy hook-based songs that borrow some ideas from dance music. Depending on the listener and/or his mood, the album can work as background music, as sweet lyric-driven songs, or you can dance to it too. Although their tunes can hardly be described as “African”, its justified (for once) that The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg might be found in the “World Music” section in CD shops.


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