The Kooks To Headline Rocking The Daisies And Vodacom In The City

In today’s news, Rocking The Daisies announced that British indie rockers The Kooks shall be performing on the main stage at the tenth birthday of the festival. The Kooks shall be joining the already stellar international line-up of The Cat Empire and Milky Chance.

However, this is not the first time that The Kooks have performed in South Africa. They were last down our way in 2013 for two exclusive shows sponsored by 5Gum – which has led to a few raised eyebrows. One could point out that it is sloppy to bring down an act that had, very recently, already peformed in South Africa. My rebuttal to that is this: 30 Seconds to Mars have performed in South Africa three times in the past decade, and no-one has complained.

I, for one, am genuinely stoked that Rocking The Daisies have decided to listen to festival attendees, and bring down an act that many people had requested. The vast majority of us were unable to attend the 5Gum gigs due to how exclusive the shows were, and the limited capacity of the venues. Rocking The Daisies is now offering roughly 5 000 people, excluding those attending Vodacom In The City, the chance to see one of the finest indie rock acts in the world. Perhaps it could be called sloppy work, but then again people always find it easier to complain about line-ups rather celebrating the fact that a band had such a good time in South Africa that they have decided to return to our beautiful country. I bet that the majority of the people complaining are still going to watch The Kooks, and then rave about how fantastic the band was live. Typical Cape Town behaviour.

On the note of Vodacom In the City – details regarding the event have already been released, and it seems that the event shall be moving from Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown to the iconic Zoo Lake, just outside the city centre. The move was prompted by several factors, the most important being the fans. Zoo Lake is a safer, more secure venue and the location makes it more convenient and accessible for the fans.  Coupled with improved facilities and better logistics, Zoo Lake is not only a larger, outdoor green space but it provides for better infrastructure and comfort. It also moves from the Friday evening to Sunday afternoon  The festival will now be longer too, starting at 10h00 and ending at 18h00, which means more hours of the best international and local music. And another first – fans of all ages are welcome, making it a family-friendly day out.

“The move to the iconic inner-city park plugs into a global trend. We are seeing more and more the global format of festivals being held in parks as a way to celebrate cities’ green spaces through music and lifestyle events.” Brian Little, Seed Experiences Managing

Tickets shall be R495 for Vodacom In The City, and can be purchased here. Phase Two tickets for Rocking The Daisies are still available, and can be purchased here.

Relieve the last time The Kooks visited South Africa below.


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