The new Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age Tease New Album on an interactive new website that is laced with graphics by Boneface a designer who worked with the band on ‘…Like Clockwork’.

So here’s a bit of what we know: The new QOTSA album is called Villians produced by Mark Ronson. Watch the hilarious trailer directed by Liam Lynch with a teaser of one of the tracks called ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me’.

Several phrases appear throughout the TV set and its channels, including “Mumbo Jumbo,” “13,” “Tutti Frutti,” “Reclaim Everything,” “It’s a ‘Beautiful’ Day in the U.S.A.,” “Askew,” “Gold Standard,” “Enteen,” “1976 Evil,” and “All My Confusion Is Waving Goodbye.” There’s also a few mouse-over animations, including blinking eyes, a lit match, and a ghost who shoots pink electrical bolts. The “planet exploding” logo QOTSA posted on social media two months ago appears in the lower right.

Check out the new Queens of the Stone Age teaser site for yourself here.

On channel 6 of the TV, you can see the words “All my confusion is waving goodbye” which are lyrics for Them Crooked Vultures’ track ‘Hwy 1’ (Live from Sydney) which from our knowledge doesn’t have a studio recording of the track. Them Crooked Vultures is a rock supergroup formed in Los Angeles in 2009 by John Paul Jones on bass and keyboards, Dave Grohl on drums, and Josh Homme on guitar and vocals.

We can’t help but hope that this album will be very politically driven album with a nice middle finger to Donald Trump and the state of the world we’re in – I mean, there’s nothing more rebellious that some good old fucking rock and roll!

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