The Pretty Reckless Release New Single “Take Me Down”

“I spend all night and day / How much harder can I play? / You know I gave my life to rock and roll?”

Two years and a whole lot of tireless replays later, today I finally got to lay down, turn off the lights and listen to the much-teased new music from The Pretty Reckless. And it did not disappoint. With a more soulful voice than ever before, the new TPR offering delivers the same well-worn turns as usual , with some unexpected ones added, as a softer, yet still definite sound asserts itself through their new single “Take Me Down“.

The new song, which explores the crossroads myth of selling one’s soul to the devil for fame, comes as a refreshing take on the band’s sound. Momsen with a bit of rasp on the voice, instrumentation with interesting new tendencies, and distinctive use of choral vocals toward the end of the track together deliver a southern rock sound that makes for a comfortable and well-crafted track which more than convinces the listener to oblige when Momsen asks that they “sign with the devil.”

As yet, no date has been set for the release of their new album – though it is expected before the year is out. Listen to the single below.



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