The SA Artist Spotlight Interviews Tweak

It is always interesting to see someone else interview a band that you have already interviewed. It generally results in a similar set of questions that yields an entirely different set of results based on the format of the interview or the way in which the questions are answered. I had the chance to interview Tweak ahead of their performance at The Assembly, and it yielded an interesting discussion about the state of South African music and whether Tweak would have made it as a band if they started out today. The interview was via email so there was not a chance for back-and-forth conversation about such topics, but this is where The SA Artist Spotlight steps in and asked similar questions but in a format that allowed for a rather lively debate.

The result is a conversation that discusses the nostalgia of Tweak and points out the sheer difference between Tweak and Crashcarburn. The most poignant aspect of the interview was how Nick Darke managed to dig deeply into a question that has been an ever-present aspect of each SA Artist Spotlight interview: what are their honest opinions on the state of South African music. Every interview has produced the same response: that rock music is struggling, but no-one seems to know why it is struggling. However, bands like Tweak have pointed out that there is a lot of talent in South Africa so at least we are still remaining positive about South African music, except we really need someone to step in and ruffle a few feathers in order to initiate a much more lively debate that isn’t restricted to the inner circle of the music industry or to interviews with popular bands. It is the kind of debate that needs to be had on a public level with input from the public, the media, the musicians and everybody else that is remotely involved with the music industry. So, this is South African Music Scene’s call for everyone to engage with us in the comments below about their honest thoughts on the state of the South African music scene.

Watch the interview below.

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