The Tazers on The Best Tour Ever

With the February launch of their EP Time Machine, Joburg-based psych-rock three-piece The Tazers have embarked on The Best Tour Ever, a line-up of shows across South Africa including appearances at Mieliepop and Lush. Their fresh take on 60s and 70s psychedelic rock sits comfortably along with the influence of old school blues greats Muddy Waters and Lightening Hopkins. Likened to the Arctic Monkeys and Pink Floyd, The Tazers are treading the fine line between South Africa’s saturated indie market and the tight-knit hard rocker community.

Nostalgic, gritty and overlaid with clever, honest lyrics about life, love and the people you hate, The Tazers’ live show is a jam-your-face-off festival of head- banging at volume. Over a much-needed Spur breakfast the morning after the opening gig of the tour the band shared their revolutionary EP release strategy, where the sound comes from and plans to tour Australia in the next two or so years.

There’s an interesting pattern emerging in your EPs, the previous one was titled Dream Machine and this one is Time Machine, what is the significance of that?

We decided that all of our EPs are going to be in the theme of machine, so a word and ‘machine’. So for Time Machine, the idea was to create a 70s style psych rock release and it’s like we went back in time to release it, but not really because it’s so produced. But it fits well with Pink Floyd and the likes that from the 60s and 70s and that fits with Time Machine. Dream Machine was the just the name of a song about girls and we chose it as the previous EPs’ title and now we’re using it as a concept. ‘Machine’ works because a Taser is a machine and our sound is electrifying so the connotations work.

So when are you planning a new EP release?

Before the end of the year. Every six months we said. The idea is that albums get stale and artists get bored of touring the same album and playing the same songs over and over, it’s hard to stay fresh. So we’re releasing every six months, Dream Machine came out in July 2015, Time Machine came out last week and there’ll be another one in the next six months. We should actually start working on it when we get back to Joburg, immediately. We’re working hard hey.

What is your favourite song to perform?

‘Around Town’, or ‘Dream Machine’. Or ‘Go Away’. It’s got post-punk in it, which is a guilty pleasure. It’s such a fun song and the lyrics are straight-forward, you can think of someone that you’d like to go away and you can tell them while you’re singing, just let it all out during this epic song.

Who writes the lyrics and are they always about personal issues?

Jethro writes the lyrics, and they are mostly about girls. Personal experiences, just situations that arise, trying to portray that to other people. It’s so easy to experience loss or happiness in relation to love, love makes you feel many strong emotions. It’s a great inspiration, there’s always something to write about. It makes for interesting stories.

What is the process of putting songs together for the EPs like?

It’s fucking awesome and it’s been very intense. We can’t wait to start working on the next one. Jethro is the producer as well and he works really hard on the songs. It gets a bit stressful when it comes to crunch time, so hitting our deadlines, getting the mixes done, sorting out artwork, that kind of stuff. Who was it that said, ‘A song is never finished, you just run out of time’?

What are you looking forward to most on the tour?

Mieliepop, or Lush Festival, also Cape Town at Assembly on the 5th of March. We’re touring until the 15th of April, but we’re not actually on the road, we’re flying back to Joburg at the end of every weekend, we work day jobs during the week, at Big House, and studying. So there’s really no rest.

And what’s the future looking like?

We’re saving up to tour Australia in the next two years. Other than that we want to push for more festival gigs.


The Tazers are Jethro Lock on vocals and guitar, Tim Edwards on drums and Guido Assmann on bass and they can be found on Soundcloud, Facebook and on tour in your local watering hole sometime in the next two months.

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