The World Alive Release New Single “Trapped”

There is a presumption that repetition is a sign of poor songwriting and shoddy musicianship. It is one of the many reasons why commercial pop music is often regarded as one of the lower musicals genres due to repetitive beats and choruses that repeat themselves like a broken record player.

However, this is a presumption that The World Alive quashes with their new single “Trapped” – their first single off their forthcoming album Dark Matter which is due to be released on 18 March. It is a repetitive burst of brutal guitar riffs and crashing drums and slick production work that supports the repeated lyric of “trapped in my own head”. In fact, the repetition actually serves to support the theme of how one’s mind can become a torturous prison of neverending and repetitive anxiety.

The World Alive have always been known to push their music to new frontiers with each album being a reinvention of themselves. They are a band that likes to stay ahead of the stagnating state of modern metalcore. “Trapped” sees them pushing metalcore to new levels with the stunning production work behind the song that sees it fusing with the technical stylings of djent metal but still maintaining the core melody and abrasive nature of metalcore. The song may thrive on repetition but it does not detract from the innate talent that is possessed by Telle Smith and his cohorts in The World Alive.



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