VIDEO PREMIERE: Charlie Wolf & The Small Calamities – My Hometown

Nostalgia is king. Besides sex and violence – it is one of the most powerful ways to sell something. People will buy things for nostalgia’s sake. Why do you think people will bid thousands on an Atari 2600? You guessed it: nostalgia.

It is a spirit that is embodied by Charlie Wolf and the Calamities latest song and music video: “My Hometown”. The entire song revolves around reminiscing about one’s roots and returning to the town in which they grew. The video may not be the greatest video in the entire world, but it is an admirable effort for a small indie rock band. In some ways, the small-budget retro feel captures a sense of nostalgia. It reminds us of days when bands actually had to work really hard at music videos instead of filling them up with the special effects. The twangy blues-inspired indie rock melody that serves as the backdrop for the video injects the video with a modern feel as it draws heavily on the modern evolution of folk and rock music where the two genres have been amalgmated to create folk rock.

Watch the music video below.

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