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David Meulen started his solo career early 2013 and he is certainly winning music lovers hearts everywhere on a big scale. His debut album @davidmeulen which dropped in April  is doing incredible on our local music stations and not only that, David actually spent some time in the famous Abbey Road’s famous Studio 2. I had a quick chat with him to get some inside info.

I imagine it is always a rather scary decision to take on a solo career, even if it is the natural choice to move on , but you’ve been doing incredible in such a short space of time David! Congratulations on that. How has the journey as solo artist been for you?
Thank you so much! Ah, it’s been a bundle of bustle and fun. Always scary, but making music under your own name gives you a ton of freedom, and I like it!
@davidmeulen is your debut album. What and / or who has been the biggest muse on this album for you? Where did you go look for inspiration?
After my old band disbanded I went on a looong road trip by myself, and just reflected on pretty much everything and everyone in my life. There was no single inspiration, the list goes on forever.
Has it always been music or nothing for you? Did you ever want to become something else at some stage in your life?
Apart from trying (and failing somewhat miserably) to be an astronaut as a toddler, it’s always been music since the age of 6! I’ve never needed to question it either. It cut out a substantial amount of figuring out a role in the world.
If you could write and record a duet with any artist right now, who would it be?
Either The Tallest Man on Earth, Ben Howard or Radiohead today. Ask me tomorrow and you may get a different response, depending on where the mood takes me!
Do you remember your first performance in front of a live audience and the feeling you had?
I do, it was some school thing I think, and I hated every second of it, haha! It took a lot of getting comfortable enough with myself as a performer and artist before I got comfortable with a crowd in front of me. Years later when I began singing and writing performing came more naturally. Now I can’t imagine a better feeling!

David Meulen

In May you traveled to Abbey Road’s famous Studio 2! Some of the greatest artist recorded right there and made music history, like The Beatles. Is there any way to describe the feeling you had, walking into a studio which is so rich in history?
It was incredible to think that Pink Floyds debut and The Beatles Sgt. Pepper were recorded right there at the very same time in the 60’s! There was an eery quality to it, and a tingle underneath the skin that told me after all the years of speculating what it would be like in my dream destination, I actually wasn’t disappointed, as I expected to be.
The lecture you attended by former Abbey Road engineer, Ken Scott, give me a bit of background on this? What did it mean to you as musician to hear him speak?
Ken Scott engineered some of my all time favourite songs. I’m not sure there are many people left alive today with as much knowledge of recording through the ages as him. The lecture was witty, and unbelievably “behind-the-scenes”. I got to play the piano that was played in “Hey Jude”, and hear the fumbles of John Lennon trying to get ‘Strawberry Fields’ right! Instruments played by Radiohead, Jeff Beck, all of them! It was a huge candy store for me, with Willy Wonka himself giving the tour!
I’m well aware you are a huge fan of The Beatles. Is there on particular song you connect most with of theirs? And I have to ask, do you have a favourite Beatle?
I could never narrow it down to one song. The B-side of Abbey Road and the album Rubber Soul will always have a special place though. When I was young, I wanted to be Paul McCartney, so I learned guitar. Only found out later he played bass! But that’s ok, you can’t win them all!
The first single off @davidmeulen ‘Remember Me’ is doing fantastic at the moment, receiving wide radio play and is the theme song for a show on DSTv called ‘Show House’.
Did you imagine people would connect with this song on such a big level?
I hadn’t the faintest. I knew it would be the song to head to radio and all, but acoustic artists generally battle substantially more to get radio play and TV features. I was incredibly happy to hear, that’s for sure!
What is next for David Meulen?
I’ve started writing again. Not that I’m ever not writing – but something new is coming out. That’s always an exciting prospect. That means a single, an album, and a ton of performing!
What’s playing in your car right now?
Ben Howard – Small Things. Just before this I had “Turn Blue”, title track of the new Black Keys album on too.
Something we don’t know about David Meulen?
Favourite thing in the world is my kitten. She’s craving attention as I type and trying to get on the laptop, and as a result I’jndbbfhi7/vewqgceytvasdhb



CD cover @davidmeulen
How does a solo career compare to band life? Was it difficult to adapt to?
I think it was more difficult for me to adapt to band life in the first place. Going back solo was essentially going back to my room and playing for myself again, instead of others. It was actually quite a relief if I’m honest!
What is exciting to you about the music industry right now?
Music no longer has a shelf life. In the digital age, your first album and latest album count just as much – I really like that.
Where do we catch you on stage next?
I am playing with my band at the mini folk festival in V&A Waterfront on Sunday 30 November at 18h15. There are also some dates in Knysna and Plet over the holidays. Check out my website www.davidmeulen.com for updates.

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