Who is Colour Faction?

Photos by Chris Saunders

Colour Faction’s debut self-titled EP is out now, after we were introduced to them earlier in July with the release of their debut single, Marco Polo. SA Music Scene caught up with frontman Joshua G. Ackerman to chat about their debut release.

We are very excited about the debut offering from Colour Faction – your first EP set, released in August. Can you give us a bit of background as to how the members came together?
We’re all friends and share a deep appreciation for smart, sophisticated indie pop/rock: the New Pornographers, Arcade Fire, the Shins, Spoon etc. With the EP, we’re throwing our hat in the ring.

You have mentioned that you believe in the power of story, which can clearly be heard in your first single, Marco Polo about the explorer himself. Do you see the world through stories on a daily basis? Do you first write the story and the music for your songs?
As a songwriter, I communicate ideas and emotions best through stories, particularly historical ones. I like to do research; attention to detail is essential. Marco Polo represents our shared desire to explore the world around us, and most of all, ourselves. Mata Hari, the infamous WW1 exotic dancer/spy, makes a perfect subject for a song about unrequited love, which is something we all understand; we all feel like we are simply ‘dancing at a party on Saturday night’ when we could actually be changing the world, like Joan of Arc. The music comes easily once I feel I have a story to tell.


Colour Faction – photo by Chris Saunders


You recorded your debut EP at High Sea Studios. Did everyone bring their stories to the table to turn it into the melodies we can hear on the EP? Did you have a clear vision before you started of what you wanted the EP to sound like as whole?
Our goal was to make sure these songs got the treatment they deserve. We wanted to sound authentic, both to the listener and ourselves, and we knew Jacques and Adrian at High Seas, as well as Emily Lazar at the Lodge Mastering Facilities NYC, would help us pick the right sonic palette. Melody is paramount; the EP is nothing if not melodic, and the production made this come alive.

Colour Faction portrays a very European sound – do you find inspiration for your sound; did you set out to create this particularsound or did it come naturally?
We take that as a great compliment. We like a lot of European artists, whether it’s the Specials, the Stone Roses, the Clash or Radiohead. We didn’t set out to create a specific sound. We play to our strengths: layered boy/girl vocal harmonies, catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics.

Now that the debut EP is out, what else can we expect from Colour Faction in the next couple of months as newcomers to the SA Music Scene?
Live shows!

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