Winter Fashion Trends

Our favourite winter trends – Part One by Katherine Brookes @KathValenti

Winter in Cape Town is, without a doubt, my favourite time of year. Whiskey and cigarettes taste different and music sounds richer. When Table Mountain is covered in a blanket of clouds and everything turns a rich shade of grey while a chilly nostalgia hangs in the air, I’m reminded of cold winter mornings when I used to shrug into my denim Minnie Mouse jacket and matching purple Minnie Mouse moonbag and go out on adventures with my dad. I remember sitting in the back of his car, staring at the mountain and all the busy people, thinking about how they always seem to dress nicer in autumn and winter than they do in summer and spring.  

The arrival of winter means that for a few months people do their best to hide their less-desirable bits and pieces from the chill and my eyes are spared the butt cheeks peeking out from under denim shorts, side boob supported only by a bra that seems to be hanging on for dear life, guys who regrettably still prance around in lumo vests and the oh-so-familiar sight of legging-cameltoe, because there are still girls who insist on wearing leggings as pants with their homemade crop tops. 

I once read a quote that said “Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it” which I’m sure is a favourite among the aforementioned. Some class would be nice, kids. 

Cold weather means leather and suede gloves, faux fur coats, leather jackets, felt hats and most people expressing their individuality with gorgeous textures and dark colours. With the relaunch of SA Music Scene, we’ll be doing a series of posts every week discussing our favourite winter and autumn pieces of the season and will be kicking it off with my all-year favourite. 

Ankle boots have always been my go-to piece and with my growing obsession, I now have a few pairs that I pretty much wear all year ‘round. 

The ankle boot has made it onto Vogue’s Top 30 shoes for winter and autumn and as far as versatility and practicality goes, this is the one of the only styles of shoe you’ll ever  need. 

                     male shoe fashion winter 2014_1 female shoe fashion winter 2014_1

It’s always good to go for a boot with a heel that’s distinguishable from the rest of the shoe so you don’t end up with chunky-looking calves and they’re much better for your feet than the ones with one solid sole. I’m especially in love with the metallic and buckle detailing that’s been popping up in different collections and the edge it brings to my choice of footwear. Steer clear of the ones that look like they’ve been dipped in glitter. A friend of mine used to say that people who wear glitter before 10pm cannot be trusted – a fair observation. 

The How-to:

With leggings:

                  female shoe fashion winter 2014_2 female shoe fashion winter 2014_3

With Jeans:

               female shoe fashion winter 2014_4 male shoe fashion winter 2014_2

Here are a few of our favourite picks. With winter around, all the major retailers like Woolworths, Aldo, The Lot, Diesel, Foschini, Ackerman’s and Mr. Price are stocking gorgeous styles. I’m a big fan of Style 36 who stock shoes from major retailers as well as designer brands. You place your order online and all shipping and returns are free. We’ve picked our favourite ankle boot designs to help you.

For girls:

         female shoe fashion winter 2014_5 female shoe fashion winter 2014_6

*useful tip: if you’d like your boots to look a bit more worn, use a nail polish that’s one shade lighter than your boots and dab a little around the edges. Above they’ve used gold, but personally, I’d get tired of it after a while, but then again, I’m a monochrome kind of girl. 

female shoe fashion winter 2014_7

*Mr. Price has a similar pair in black for R279.00. This is easily one of my favourite winter buys so far. 

female shoe fashion winter 2014_8

For guys:

male shoe fashion winter 2014_3

Androgynous pieces are very popular at the moment – I’d actually love a pair of these.  

       male shoe fashion winter 2014_4 male shoe fashion winter 2014_5

For more of our favourite looks and pieces, you can check out our page on Pinterest


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