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We, at South African Music Scene, are constantly on the lookout for the latest and best South African and international music and we welcome music submissions. However, we have found that often musicians don’t know how they should go about submitting their music for review or for a feature. It is an understandable situation as it is not something that is often discussed, so we have decided to put together some simple guidelines for submitting your music to us.

The bare minimum that we require is a link to the music, such as a Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Youtube link, you would like to review. We do not advise sending us a link to a Deezer or Spotify stream as most of us don’t use such streaming services. Additionally, having the music available to download would assist us greatly especially if it is an album or EP. Furthermore, we also require an artist biography and at least three press photos. However, the biography is not entirely pertinent but does assist our reviewers in better understanding your music and your goals for your music. Furthermore, we need to know what you would expect from our coverage or what you would like us to do. Anything more than this can be included if you so wish, but the aforementioned is the bare minimum.

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