15 Acts You Do Not Want To Miss At Superbalist Is Rocking The Daisies

Co-written by Craig Roxburgh and Skye Mallac. Photograph by Vetman Design and Photography. 

There are only 8 days until Superbalist is Rocking The Daisies kicks off and excitement levels are escalating. We know how difficult it can be to decide which acts to watch, so we have compiled a helpful list of 15 acts you should definitely see at Rocking The Daisies. Hopefully, this will allow you to focus more on what you’re going to pack and how you are going to make it the greenest festival experience possible.

Beat Sampras – Pop Bottles Two’s Up Stage

Hip hop beats – check. Live guitar playing – check. Combine the two together and you get the insanely groovy Beat Sampras whose sound is rooted in soulful melodies punctuated by energetic drops and gritty bass. The ideal way to start your pre-evening experience on Friday.

Crimson House Blues – Hemp Stage

Fronted by circus ringmaster-eque front man Riaan Smit, Crimson House Blues’s high energy, vibrant performances will have you on your feet in moments. A curious amalgamation of gypsy-swing and rock ’n roll result in a potently unique offering when it comes to this group of energetic misfits.

 Das Kapital – Electronic Dome

It honestly doesn’t feel like we even need to tell you to go watch Das Kapital open for Knife Party, but we are going to tell you anyway just so you feel motivated to go watch one of South Africa’s best DJs. He has promised us some surprises in a recent interview.

Dustland Express – Campsite Stage

This one is for those eager individuals that get there on Thursday. This is a band that we hope to see on the Main Stage at some stage simply because they will add a visceral edge to the line-up with their hazy combination of post-rock and hardcore. This is a must for those wanting to expand their genre horizons


Foster The People – Main Stage

Don’t be that person that drinks too much on Saturday and passes out in their tent before the headline acts start playing. Foster The People are world-renowned for putting on a truly amazing live show. Also, you probably spent most of 2011 perfecting the lyrics of “Pumped Up Kicks” and they are not going to be like The Kooks and not play “Sway” – arguably their best-known song.

Grassy Spark – Main Stage

Since winning  Vodacom in the City in 2015, Grassy Spark have been dominating the country’s stages. With their brand new debut album, ‘Portal’ recently released, these ska-rockers are sure to knock your socks off.

Hezron Chetty – NuWorld Beat Club

This man is a violin maestro who manages to combine a multitude of genres to one single, beautiful sound. We’re obsessed with his studio music and can’t wait to see him woo the NuWorld Beat Club with his wonderful violin melodies

Mango Groove – Main Stage

We haven’t seen much of these guys in quite some time. Marabi, Kwela and pop influences are wrapped around the deft finger of Claire Johnston in a collection of hits we’re all too familiar with. For those of us who haven’t heard a live version of “Special Star” for years, this is bound to be a treat.

Nakhane Toure – Main Stage

It is Saturday afternoon and you don’t know who to watch? Well, we recommend the genre-bending Nakhane Toure who collides traditional African music with sultry alternative-cum-indie music as he delivers some intensely personal and beautiful music.

Native Young – Main Stage

Possibly one of the best kept secrets in the local scene, this African- psychedelic-pop group is an intriguingly unique outfit. The band is the brainchild of front man Yannick Meyer, formed in a garage in Gugulethu, and incorporates heady African influences within their constantly evolving sound.

Opposite The Other – Main Stage

It is always refreshing to see up-and-coming artists featured on the main stage of any festival. Opposite The Other have only been around for about a year, but they are already gaining traction in the local alt-pop scene. They are bound to rouse people out of their hangovers on Saturday morning.

Rudimental DJ Set – Nu World Beat Club

British drum and bass group Rudimental left Daisies breathless and bushy-tailed in 2014. Now they are back for round two with an exclusive DJ set in the Nu World Beat Club. They will be hitting the decks alongside Kidnap Kid and My Nu Leng as part of their collective Beating Heart Project.

Slow Jack – Campsite Stage

Following an explosive inauguration at Up The Creek earlier this year, Slow Jack’s catchy, lilting debut single “Love to Dream” has been playlisted on a number of nationwide radio stations over the last couple of months. Catch them ushering in RTD2016 with a Campsite Stage performance on Thursday night.

Well Done Sun – Hemp Stage

You may not have heard of these guys yet, but they are well worth a wander into the Green Village’s midst if you find yourself venturing that way. The eclectic three-piece blend a fascinatingly grooving sound from a jazz-funk-reggae fusion and are the perfect gentle start to a wild Friday evening.

Youngsta – Pop Bottles Two’s Up Stage

He has been tearing up the Cape Town hip-hop scene for a while now and his addition to the Two’s Up Stage line-up is not at all surprising. Prepare yourself for some gritty beats and high-politicised lyrics as the young Capetonian rapper dishes out hard-hitting rhymes.

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