aFREAKa: A Onesie for every occasion!

These days going to any out door festival an not spotting an aFREAKa Onesie is a very rare occasion. Putting on a Onesie is really an amazing feeling even if you feel that you are too old for it… These Onesies will transport you into an other universe, I myself like to run under the name ‘Brown Bear’ when I put on mine every night at a music festival.

aFREAKa offers 65 different animal / character designs (31 of which are available here), which are all made from polar fleece, making them super comfortable and easy to wear. For those who are not quite ready for the full animal suit, we also offer animal hats which will keep your head nice and warm during the colder nights. If animal onesies are not really your thing, we also offer our range of INYE onesies. INYEs are stylish and comfortable one-piece suits with a full-body sipper and pockets. They have a total of 20 different designs (but not all offered on our online store yet).

The team operates from Cape Town, which is also where all products are designed and manufactured. Sales are predominantly done online, but a great number of onesies have also found new owners at festivals, or through selected shops in and around Cape Town. Through our online store and the marvel of modern infrastructure, they are able to sell and deliver our products to anywhere in South Africa, promoting the country to become a onesie nation.


Be sure to visit their online store here:

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