Bateleur – Mendota Sky

Bateleur have released a new music video, Mendota Sky, the lead single off their eponymous release due on the 4th of December.

The short film is a passion project undertaken by Capetonian photographer Kent Andreasen as director and Adriaan Louw as lead cinematographer. Mendota Sky explores the darker sides of obsession and nostalgia while remaining oblique and open to interpretation. The emphasis of the short film, as with Bateleur’s music, is on mood, aesthetics, and atmosphere. It was filmed and produced without any budget.

The launch of Bateleur’s self-titled debut album will be preceded by an interactive pre-release, where listeners will be directed to a secret location to engage with the music in an optimal environment.

Production Credits:
Kent Andreasen

Callum Wienburg

Tash Montlake

Beekeeper – Wentzel van der Gryp

Director Of Photography
Adriaan Louw

Production Designer
Taylor Morris
Paul Wallington (assistant)

Xander van der Westhuizen

Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Nic Apostoli

Wicked Pixels

Sebastian Van Oudenhove

Final Sound Mix
Nicolaas van Reenen at FIELD

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