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Bazique… And now for something different, what an exciting and bold statement made by a new kid on the block, but are they really new kids when collaborating with Sexy Groovy Love, Pop Bottles, Wolfkop Weekender, Diskotekah, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and their overseas friends; The Secret Garden Party (UK)?

Bazique Festival – an inaugural international celebration of performing arts has been making some major waves. In collaboration with a gang of South Africa’s top party architects with the cheeky crew of The Secret Garden Party (UK). The creative imaginations and relentless enthusiasts are bringing six highly curated music stages to their beloved audiences along with an “out of this world” line-up of nine International artists and ample local talent, as well as performance art, spectacular large art installations, art cars, art boats, pop up parties and much more!

The complete line-up includes some of the local heavyweights and interesting internationals:
Foreign Beggars, Mano Le Touch, Riky Rick, Edu Embernon, &Me, PHFat, DNox, Jimmy Nevis, Atmos, Madmotormiquel, Floyd Lavine, Lady M, DJ Dimplez, Ready D, Rigopolar, Monark, aKING, Ard Matthews, DJ Speedsta, The Head Gardner, DJ Milkshake, DJ Invizible, Felix Laband, Richard Marshall, Chris De Vos, Champions of The Sonaverse, Ayanda MVP, DJ Doowap, Toby 2 Shoes, CTEMF Sound System, Artelligent, Vigi, Dean Fuel, Bhaskar, Tha Cutt, DJ Lyle, Iorie, K-$, Trenton & The Free Radicals, JNN KPN, Fosta And Od, Sadhu Sensi, Glen Stylez, Mark Okal, Dan Tempo, Tommy Gun, Pierre Estienne, Jews for Techno, El Gordo, DJ Diskotekah, MR J, The Get Down DJs and DJ Will Travel.

With a lot of inspiration from The Secret Garden Party (UK) [Have a look here if you want to see what we mean!] and a stage designed by world-renowned festival artist Daniel Popper called The Protea. What’s the fuss about Daniel Popper, well on local grounds you might have seen Daniel’s world-famous AfrikaBurn artwork (pictured below) but his work also featured at Electric Forest to Lightning in a Bottle to Boom Festival to name a few.

Daniel Popper’s artwork AfrikaBurn by Simon O’Callaghan

Now that we have your attention…
Should you go to the very first Bazique Festival? Simply put – if you’re of the more mature age yes – Bazique boasts with a saucy ‘this is a no under 20’s event, bring your ID if you are blessed with a young appearance!’

If you dissect Bazique a little further there are some awesome findings, it seems like Bazique is aiming to draw the attention of 25 to 32-year-old, you know the age group who made the old Rocking The Daisies such a fundamental festival back in the day when it was a local line-up mainly focussed on Rock n Roll.

So you might be asking how I got to that conclusion, well, in all honesty, it’s because I’ve just reached that age and I for one do not want to let my hair down where the majority of the crowd is 18 to 21-year-olds and the Bazique Festival line-up does not really cater for the demands and trends within that age group. Bazique has tapped into the Flamgangled Tea Party & AfrikaBurn lovers with their art, decor, theme and music from artists you don’t really see much on the typically festival line-ups these days like Jimmy Nevis, Floyd Lavine, Lady M, DJ Dimplez, Ready D, Monark, aKING, Ard Matthews, Trenton & The Free Radicals, Sadhu Sensi, Jews for Techno to name just a few that vibrate a bit better with an older crowd.


Some partnerships that Bazique has formed that has to be taken note of:

Pop Bottle, with massive SA headliners on the Live Stage on Friday and Saturday night and then the cream of SA’s hip-hop DJs playing all weekend long from a bespoke designed Artcar with a booming Funktion1 sound system!

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival curating The Protea Friday as well as underground techno, tech house DJs and even a cheeky smattering of progressive trance – the two sunrise parties on Saturday and Sunday will be peak moments and feature international headliners.

Diskotekah a conceptual brand that seeks to cultivate an alternative creative scene in South Africa, which was originally established to fill the gap in the local queer scene, has developed into an outlet for creatives to express themselves through various forms including music, fashion, art, and drag!

The Bazique beach bar will be curated by Wolfkop Weekender and Sexy Groovy Love an interesting combination of curators.

As you can see, Bazique Festival is a MUST and a much-needed breath of fresh air in the South African music festival scene. We’re giving away a double ticket but if you don’t want to risk missing out buy your tickets here!

Feeling lucky, punk?!

To enter our double ticket giveaway all you need to do is, make a Facebook status showing us your spiciness and tag Bazique & SA Music Scene. Then comment on this post (you can even comment on the same FB status you made) telling us why you deserve to win!


  1. Josh

    March 6, 2018 at 11:29 am

    I deserve to win because if you look underneath my hair, below the roots through the scalp into the brain down the cerebral cortex and in the middle of all that you will find…… nuts and raisins! Thats me, just a bag of nuts and a couple raisins… so ya take me to this whacky Bazique!!!

  2. Olivia Terblanche

    March 14, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    Just moved home from Thailand. Ready to bring the Thai spice and boogie with all my friends at the first Bazique festival!

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