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With so much music being released and social media channels throttling your organic reach as well the fact that I would like to give back more of my time to the South African music community, here are some of my top tips for getting your track featured on SA Music Scene!

1) Use our new submission portal:
You can read more about my new submission portal and why I’ve decided to use it in my two previous posts titled “SA Music Scene is BACK with vengeance” or “SubmitHub & SA Music Scene“.

2) Research the blog you are submitting to:
Make sure you read up on the blog that you are submitting to, know what they stand for and what their company goals are. For example, SA Music Scene is a South African based music blog, born from the sole purpose of promoting new up-and-coming artists. Although preference will be given to South African music artists, I also accept international submissions if I feel like the submission could influence the South African local scene or that the South African music community should know of your track!

3) Rejections are going to happen:
Music is subjective, what one person dislikes another might love, another thing to remember is that I as the blogger are human and also have crappy days and other influences that could affect my judgment although I strive to condone music feedback professionally, honestly and unbiasedly.

4) It’s not about the money:
Yes, offers “premium” song submissions, but just because a track is paid for doesn’t mean it will be featured, it could just mean that I would give in-depth feedback on why the submission wasn’t accepted.
If your track is amazing and you didn’t pay for your submission I’d probably still feature it, nobody’s going to purchase my like due to me wanting to see myself as a tastemaker.

5) Quick Pitch, great delivery:
Once I pressed play I’m probably not going to read up all about you, but I will be looking at your “Quick Pitch”. This is where you need to impress me and let me know what makes you/your group stand out from other guys making music in your area or genre.

6) What other information should you give:
When you submit music to a blog or label through, you have the option of including additional information “About This Song” to accompany the track. This is where you should, of course, include links to your social media, maybe the story behind the song and/or more about you/your group. You’ve made the beautiful track so now give me the means to not only become a fan of you/your group but give me the tools to expose your work to the SA Music Scene community!

7) Submit your best single!
With the technology instant gratification and endorphins, we get these from scrolling some timeline… Time is money*** enjoyment, put your best foot forward and then show me and my readers what else you have to offer.

8) If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again.
I want to feature and find new music… Life would be pretty bland without music playing, so although you might not have received a feature from me, please give the feedback I’ve given you to heart (but don’t take it personally) and try better your product.
If I see great potential, I promise you I’ll reach out and give advice when it comes to writing something more catchy, where you could record your type of track better or who to get production tips from.

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    November 22, 2018 at 6:15 am

    Bianco Nero Neighbours
    You gotta hear that magic

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